Boris Porto, MD

Boris Porto, MD
4412 74th St Ste E102 Lubbock, TX 79424
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Consumer Feedback

(17 Reviews)
4.5 star average for Service
4 star average for Environment
4.5 star average for Expertise
4 star average for Staff
4 star average for Recommended
4 star average for Value
Were you able to get answers to simple questions from this provider without scheduling an appointment?
Does this provider offer flexible appointment times?
Do you think this provider would be willing to pursue advice from other professionals if they run into a snag in your treatment?
Was this psychiatrist's office easy to locate?
Absolutely! It couldn't have been easier!
Does this provider maintain a professional appearance?
If other patient feels worse after seeing Dr Porto, it's because
They may not have faced by their feelings or even knew they
Had them. Dr Porto is a caring and friendly professional
Doctor. If he's busy, it's because people keep coming back because
He is excellent at what he does. He has helped me sooooo
Much with so much in life, I trust him and know he will give it
His ALL. He truly cares about each and every patient and comes out
Personally to greet and Walk with the person into his office....
Which not a lot of doctors do.
Usually , in other doctors offices, the front desk person calls your name and you have to
Go yourself and wait in a small room and sit by yourself all alone
Until a doctor opens the door to come in.
This is a very warm caring doctor and will not be pushy.
I recommend Dr Porto to anyone. Dr Porto keeps excellent
Notes and remembers you and greets you with a big smile.
Need I say more??? Just do it!!! Go! See for yourself.
I like him a lot!
The location is easy to find-right off Quaker and not far from
Walmart. Only about 1/4 block after turning off Quaker.
You are important! Go!
This Dr. Boris Porto has seen me in many ups and downs in my life. And he always helped me even when I didn't know it....He is honest fair and most importantly GODLY....I RECOMMEND HIM to anyone that needs a little Help.
Did this psychiatrist have an entertaining selection of waiting room magazines?
No, there weren't many to choose from
Was it easy to find parking at this psychiatrist's office?
Extremely easy, and close to the entrance
Did this psychiatrist ever take personal phone calls while in the appointment room with you?
No, they've never taken personal calls with me
Was the noise level reasonable in this provider's office?
Does this provider remember you and your circumstances at every appointment?
Was this psychiatrist's staff friendly?
They were decent
Was this psychiatrist's office clean?
Yes everything was neat and sterile
Did this psychiatrist have reasonable prices?
Did this provider show attention to detail?
Yes, I've never had to worry about them missing any important information
Did you experience unnecessary pain during your visit?
Do you feel that you made progress during your sessions with this psychiatrist?
Definitely not. I feel worse than I did before I started
Was this provider's office easy to locate?
I got lost, but eventually found it
Were you able to get answers to simple questions from this provider without scheduling an appointment?
Not really. I had to schedule an appointment for most of my questions.
Was the waiting area spacious?
No, but I can always find a seat
Does this provider always put the customer first?
Absolutely! They have some of the best customer service I have ever seen
Did you feel judged or criticized by this psychiatrist?
No, they were respectful and understanding
Did you experience unnecessary pain during your visit?
Did you feel safe in this provider's care?
Did this provider prominently display their diplomas or business license?
Definitely! I saw it as soon as I walked in!
Was the waiting area spacious?
Did you spend a lot of time in the waiting room at this provider's office?
No, my appointment started at the scheduled time
Was this psychiatrist's staff friendly?
They were decent
I have been going to DR. Porto for a couple of months now, besides being a little confused and having a few rx mixups it has been good, have had to go in a few more times than i have wanted to get medications straight but other than that it has been a great experience. he is very professional and i would reccomed him to anybody. a very very caring doctor i havent found another dr in lubbock as caring and professional as him. GO SEE HIM!!!
Was this provider's office too loud?
Not at all, it was very peaceful and quiet
Did this provider promise services he/she couldn't provide?
Not at all! They exceeded my expectations
Did you leave the office feeling satisfied with your visit?
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