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Smyrna Dental Group 1336 Hazelwood Drive Smyrna, TN 37167
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4 star average for Service
4.5 star average for Environment
4 star average for Expertise
3 star average for Staff
3.5 star average for Recommended
3.5 star average for Value
Everything was fine, better than fine until I was sent back to the receptionist to discuss payment.
I paid $280 for xrays and a consultation. Then she tells me about the treatment plan and cost that the dentist advised. However, what she explained did not sound like the same treatment that I heard the dentist explain to me.
I told her that it didnt sound the same, and she literally gave me a cold stare like I insulted her. Im not saying I wasnt confused or misunderstood what the dentist said.
However, the total she gave was $7000!! with additional treatment needed after the first which would be $3000!! I admit I began to cry. I was so confused, and didnt understand why what she was saying was so different than what the dentist said.
I asked if I could get a discount since I dont have dental insurance and was paying IN FULL CASH...not credit, not care credit, or finance. CASH IN FULL!!
She told me 5% was ALL the dentist would allow.....5% of $7000 is not much of a discount. If I had insurance fine bill them crazy unreasonable prices, but come on. CASH IN HAND IN FULL? 5%
I didnt argue nor was I disrespectful. Actually I didnt say anything. I waited thinking surely this lady would try to find out why I was so confused about the treatment plan, and confirm with the dentist that she had the right info, and that I was just confused and misunderstood. I thought surely this lady would have some compassion, even if her hands were tied on price/discount and attempt to help me understand my treatment plan, pricing and payment options.
NOPE, 0% effort to explain anything. 0% compassion, or effort at all. Just a stare like I was trash on the street and if I didnt have $7000 for their services they didnt want me. (No she did not say that, but her cold stare and lack of speaking at all lead me to my own assumption of her thoughts)

I just wanted clarification, and a smile. That was all....In the end I am glad she made me decide not to go with Smyrna Dental, I was going to pay that crazy price because of how nice and respectful the dentist was and I fear dentist, so that meant a lot to me. I ended up at Affordable Dentures and the care, compassion and communication from ALL staff was almost like a dream. It was so great! I was happy and so grateful to hand them my $4000 cash and walk out with a great smile, and wonderful dental support system.
Had my implant done by Dr. Gurley. Was happy with him and my implant. last visit to have the implant put in they presented me with another bill (I had paid full amount on chart at last visit). When I was leaving from having implant put in, I was presented with ANOTHER bill. One tooth cleaning $100.00, a "missed" appointment $100.00. I discussed this with clerk...1. I did not have my teeth cleaned...they did a "spot clean" to the area where I was to have surgery, but definitely not a full teeth cleaning 2. I never missed an appointment. AND just to add to my frustration, I had a follow up appointment ( I have appointment card with date and time) for yesterday at 3:30, I called the office and was told I did NOT have an appointment and the 3:30 appointment was a man, not me. When questioning the clerk, she got my chart and noted the Dr. did request a follow up appointment. Evidently I was given the appointment, but it wasn't entered into their system. Overall, I feel I paid for services not rendered and false...I never missed an appointment (which I had to pay for) I never had a full mouth tooth cleaning.....anyone can look at my teeth and see they have not been professionally cleaned, coffee stains on backside of teeth, and other stains. I will never go here again and recommend anyone that does, pay very close attention to your billing and your appointments/services provided. I have an appointment with another dental hygienist for a REAL cleaning...she has looked at my teeth and confirmed they have not been professionally cleaned and IF they had been, it was a very shoddy job, missing many stains. Dr. Gurley was fine, no complaints on my implant or his work, but the rest not so pleased with. P.S. They WERE very pleasant when giving me my last bill....made no effort to find out what happened OR check the computer to see I had NOT missed any appointments.
Went just to have fillings done. My tooth was not hot or cold sensitive, and I did have just a little pain, I could eat with no problems, and my tooth was not loose, but after he did his "so called fillings"(I still have a hole in my teeth) my pain is worse now than before I went in, my tooth now is cold and hot sensitive, my tooth is now loose. I think he tried to hit (drill and puts so much pressure) that nerve in my tooth so I would have to come back and pay more. now I have jaw pain, nerve pain, and headaches all the time now. I had gone back three times for the same problems. Now they say you need to get your gums treated. The should have said that in the first place. but they say this after they charged me for fillings that should have been done (maybe or maybe not) after the gum treatment. And dont fall for the (smile) up sale of services with the charming young lady that's goes over the bill with you. They didnt even offer a discount on the gum treatment after all that. My thing is, how in the h--l do you go to get seen by the dentist and then you leave in more pain
(3 weeks now) than before you had gone to see him. That's one of the reasons why people dont like going to dentist. Not all denist offices are like that. I wish I had never gone to that particular denist.
Did this provider rush your appointment?
Yes, I felt like an annoyance!
Does this provider maintain a professional appearance?
Somewhat, I wasn't overly impressed
Did this provider use excessive foul language?
Does this dentist use current and safe equipment?
I had several questions, but they didn't all get answered. I could have definitely used more information. I was not totally satisfied with my visit the staff is real kind but the dentist is another story. He did not seem like he wanted to discuss my concerns, he was rude and inconsiderate. This was intolerable for me. He recommend procedures that I knew were not needed and costly. I called my dentist that retired recently and was recommend a dentist that grew up here in Smyrna.
I love the staff here. They are informative and courteous. I highly recommend them to anyone.
Have the fillings, crowns, or veneers you've received lasted?
Definitely! They lasted even longer than they were supposed to
Did this provider ever dismiss your concerns as unimportant?
Never, they go out of their way to address every concern of mine immediately
Does this provider have a good professional reputation within your community?
Yes, they are known for being good at what they do
Is this business in a safe neighborhood?
Yes, it was in a safe enough neighborhood
Were you able to relax during your appointment?
Initially I was happy with my choice to do business here. Their staff was friendly enough, but they didn't go out of their way to help me. I feel like my satisfaction/ service level was never considered once the substantial cost of the procedures was paid up front. I did get a new smile, 9+ weeks later after walking around the entire time with missing teeth. The delay was blamed on the lab, and when I told the dr that I wouldn't be back I got "we wish you luck with your new dentist", which is understandable as they had gotten my $8000 and left me with few teeth to work on (no more profit there)
Was this provider's staff friendly?
No, they were rude
Did you leave the office feeling satisfied with your visit?
Was this provider's office easy to locate?
Absolutely! It couldn't have been easier!
They waited until AFTER my consult and xrays to tell me that with my insurance I have to pay in full and wait to be reimbursed for any procedures - or wait 6 weeks until they get it in writing from my insurance.They had ALL my insurance info the day before and even called before my visit to tell me what my copay would be so they knew then how they would deal with my insurance. I also felt the girl "trying" to explain the payment situation was not good at explaining it at all and a bit condescending. I heard her on the phone going through the same "what I'm saying is you have 2 options, option A is...". Two in 20 minutes - it just might be her that has the problem explaining things. Dr. Gurley seemed nice enough, but not interested in talking to me about cosmetic issues I had questions on... he said we would deal with the current issues before we worried about the other. I wanted to know what was ahead! Just not pleased at all with this office.
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