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My daughter and I have always hated going to the dentist.. (as most usually do).. but since we changed to Family Dental Group, we look forward to the visits. While very professional, they are also very family oriented. From the awesome women at the front desk, to the awesome women assisting Dr. Jacob.. and of course, Dr. Jacob himself... I cant say enough that they seem more and more like family the longer you know them. The atmosphere is comfortable.. relaxing, and they are always there to put the most uptight patient at ease.. always keeping close attention on not only the work they do, so that you have a GREAT smile, but also how YOU feel during the procedure. I don't see going anywhere else to be honest... and if I ever move to another state, I really hope they would all consider relocating with us.. LOL... See you soon!!
I've been going to this dentist for about 5 years.... Dr Alan Jacob is a NATURAL! He has a great touch. A naturally born dentist. Thanks Dr Alan Jacob.
I am the sort of dental patient who is traumatized by the thought of a cleaning, never mind anything more elaborate, and there are very few practices where I would feel truly comfortable. With Dr Alan Jacob, I am (almost) completely at ease. He has a manner that helps minimize my stress and he is thorough and meticulous in his work. Beyond being merely accommodating when emergencies arise, he is personally concerned and more than once has called me at home after a procedure to check on me. The bonus in the practice is the office staff so warm, so charming that I often spend more time chatting with them than I do in the dentist's chair. The whole tone of the practice is summed up by their great patient care! What's not to love?"
For over 35 years I've been faithfully going to Family Dental Group -- first with Jerry and later with Alan as well. This group is top notch and always has been. But just as important, they are truly nice and kind people who make the dental experience fun. Yes, I said fun. I look forward to my visits, which trust me... is a far cry from the dental experiences I had growing up.

Luckily, I found Family Dental Group when I was in high school (in Newark). Even thought I'm now married and moved to Hasbrouck Heights, I still make the trip back to Belleville for my dental work. I wouldn't trade this place for anyone else. (side note, over the years my entire family now also goes here).

Their first rate work is only exceeded by all the super people that make up the team.
I've read the review posted by "Anonymous" and I can't reconcile that he/she is talking about the same Dr. Alan Jacob that has been my dentist for the past 5 or 6 years.The Dr. Alan Jacob that has attended me, is caring and professional. He looks out for his patients and wants to give them the best care possible.

In the past couple of years, I've needed extensive work done on my teeth. He discussed the various options that were available to me, listened to my concerns, and together decided on a solution. During the course of this treatment, he's had to refer me to other endodontists and surgeons. At no point in time, did they tell me that his work was shoddy or unnecessary, instead they agreed with his diagnosis and praised his skills as a dentist. (And these referrals were to some of the top people in their chosen fields.)

I never liked going to the dentist, but Dr. Alan Jacob and his staff always manage to put me at ease. He cares about his patients, both he and his staff are knowledgeable and professional. They make my visits as pain free as possible. I do not hesitate to refer him to anyone needing dental care.
Alan Jacobs, king of Crowns. You have pain, crown. Its a little sensitive, crown. Oh, you have teeth, crown! His answer to everything is you need a crown. I caved in and got 2 by him. Temporary crowns caused me so much pain that I couldn't function or sleep without pain killers. When I called to be seen about the pain, he couldn't bother. Told me to take more pain killers. When I go in for the permanent crowns, he says he was being proactive by offering pain killers. Are you kidding me?!?

Jacobs has some kind of narcissistic personality disorder. He tricks you into believing he cares about you when all he cares about is money. To top it off, he is delusional about it to himself so even if you pointed out his scam he would deny it and try to come up with rational reasons why you are so wrong. I know people with this disorder and he fits the bill perfectly.

I'm sorry if you have been duped by him for years but this guy has you fooled.

To top it off, I got Jacobs work reviewed by another dentist and he saw no reason to why I got 2 crowns. He said 1 filling was needed at most. Alan Jacobs, you are a horrible person.
I found this office because my I was referred by my uncle. He recommended I try them because ive been having issues with my mouth for years and unhappy with my last three dentists.. I am hesitant to trust anyone, but I certainly am happy I listened to my family. Not only am I pain free after my first few visits, but I was incredibly satisfied with their staff, my cleaning was probably the best one I ever got. I am thankful for getting to meet this father and son....they are a wonderful and caring group.....I will recommend them happily to anyone in need of help! That's what they did for me.
I would give them 0 stars if I could. I have been a patient there for many years and slowly I have watched this office deteriorate. The office staff is so incredibly unprofessional. On one occassion they called my husband one hour before his tooth extraction to tell him that his extraction would take place at another office in another city! On a second occasion they called my family the same week of my appointment to tell us the appointment would need to be rescheduled - for 3 family members. When we went to our "rescheduled" appointment they called us 10 minutes before hand to ask why we were not in the office yet, although we were not late. When we arrived the hygienist stood at the door with her arms crossed and said she would only be able to take care of 2/3 of our family members -even though we all had appointments. When my5 year old daughter was the first to go, she did nothing to make her feel at ease. Instead she stood there stomping her foot. I was so displeased we just canceled our appointments and left. I had never been made to feel so incredibly unwelcomed and mistreated. I will NEVER go back there again. It is a real shame. Dr. Jerrold Jacob is a great dentist, but his staff and partner, Dr. Alan Jacob, leave much to be desired.
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I first went in for a cleaning, before being seen i was filling out the questionnaire and registry card...there was a question on the card that stated "DO YOU LIKE YOUR SMILE" i put a big check in the box that said "NO" i haven’t shown an open smile in over 15 years because i hated the space between my two front teeth and the whiteness wasn’t really there anymore. To put it lightly, i hated my teeth. After talking with Dr. Allen Jacob he explained what can be done and gave me hope. We put a few crowns, closed up the gap between the two fronts and now my life has literally changed in a few weeks. I have the smile i always dreamed of and smile every chance i get, it has built up my self-esteem, self-confidence and added like 10 years to my life. I look younger, happier and everyone noticed the positive change in me. Another thing is that "A Family Dental Group" is really all about’s not just a name on a sign outside the office. Pictures of happy families and so many kids everywhere, even a small play area for toddlers. They have a gift with children, making them feel safe and comfortable. Overall the level of care, talented dentistry, concern and I would even use the word love for people is like no dentist office I have ever entered in my 51 years. Special thanks to Dr. Allen Jacob for turning my life around…you can do it too. Never be afraid of change…especially when you can make the world a little brighter with your new amazing smile. If you want to see my before and after pictures, I am the on the first page of the photo album in the waiting room… Martin S. Bloomfield NJ
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