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Im not sure if Dr. Rising will see this. I am now 30 years old and he was my pediatrician. My mom went into labor with me 6 weeks early and it happened that Dr. Rising was at the hospital that night. My mom had a difficult labor that lasted almost 24 hours and finally it was found that I was in fetal distress. There was a monitor put on my head and all that jazz. Finally I was born with an emergency c-section. My cord was wrapped around my neck and there were all other kinds of complications. My mother found out that Dr. Rising was a pediatrician who specialized in premature children and she immediately wanted me to become one of his patients. I had a spinal tap done after I was born. There was blood in the spinal fluid which indicated that I had a stroke right before or during my birth. I have in later years done my own research in this are. There is now a website online called Pediatric Stroke Network its for those parents or adults who have child (or personally had) a stroke before they were born, at birth, in childhood/youth, etc.

I would like to personally thank Dr. Rising for all the help he gave me as a child and for being such a good doctor. I feel that might have died that night if Dr. Rising had not been at the hospital. I know that there was a reason I survived, but I havent found it yet.

Oddly enough after having a stroke...I did quite well in school and even went on to college where I also did well. I even worked with special needs children as a special education teacher for a year. I am wondering if my real calling might be allowing myself to go to a research for those who had strokes at birth. I found one in saint louis that is taking adults that had strokes at birth as well. Maybe they can learn something from me, but I am not sure what they would see after 30 years or if maybe there is a chance I didnt have a stroke. Things were of course much different in 1978 than today and that is a lot more tests that can be done now and follow up care that didnt once exist.

I am also finding out that there are a lot of problems that premature babies have even into adulthood. I know that I dont have to tell Dr. Rising this, but I of course have the eyesight problem, intestinal problems (which I am due for some tests), low blood sugar/blood sugar problems, etc. I wish I could continue to be a patient of Dr. Rising's, but of course I have long since been a child.

I hope Dr. Rising will see this and know that he made a difference in at least one life. I know he saw a lot of children and I dont know if he will recall me, but I think my situation is a lot different than most kids so maybe I stick in his mind. I was also a terrorist when I went to the doctor. I would kick and scream if there was going to be any shots or blood taken. Mom said in the back of my mind maybe I could remember the spinal tap I had as a newborn. I know that I was a brat!

Well thats all I can say now, but thanks for all you have done for me. At some point you can contact me (if you email) at

Stacie Cantrell, Marshfield, MO
by Stacie_cantrell
March 10, 2009
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