Anne Arundel Physicians Group LLC

Anne Arundel Physicians Group LLC
Anne Arundel Physicians Group LLC 2002 Medical Pkwy Suite 635 Annapolis, MD 21401
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I'm not one to usually write reviews but the service was so bad at this office. I was going to cancel my appt. due to having to come from seeing my mom who was hospitalized in Philadelphia. But I went anyway because I was told that they would allow me to be 15 min late. So I arrived at 10:10 and they were able to see me after the receptionist appeared to be badgered by the nurse on the phone. She kept asking why was I late. Mind you the appt was at 10 and I arrived at 10:10 to be exact only because I was told of the 15 minute rule. When the nurse appeared she seemed to be agitated but very phony. We went in the room where she asked me a couple questions and the there was a silent interval for about 10 minutes. I felt like I was bothering her by being there, not good at all!
The doctor was a little better but the nurse was like an ice princess!!! I would have liked if they just rescheduled my appt as opposed to be treating as if I was bothering her.
by Michele Sylvester
December 19, 2016
I have an email about my account with Anne Arundel Physicians Group. Have changed the password and gotten the code twice but still cannot access the information.

by Johnnie
November 20, 2015
The constant emails refer me to Patient portal. I have changed my password at least three times and today have done it again. The problem is that Patient Portal does not accept my Password but gives me the same Welcome form over and over and over. 'this system is broke. Furthermore, when finding a number for the AA Physicians Group, I was informed it was an OB office and had nothing to do with this email, Patient Portal, whatever.
How in the world do you expect to get a response from me if I can't reach whoever is trying to contact me?

by G Butschky
October 05, 2015
OK, a couple of problems:

1. The number you have posted for the AA Physicians Group website (410-224-1133) connects to some OBGYN office that is apparently associated with the Group, but cannot answer questions about the Group's billing.
2. I have been trying to resolve a billing error since the middle of last month. You billed an old insurance company (no longer used by me) instead of my current insurance, and have ignored my phone requests to resolve it. I have left several messages (earliest on 32 December) with "Beth" at 443-481-6572 w/o reply. Please RSVP. I do not intend to pay the outstanding balance until you resolve this issue.
by John Smithmyer
January 07, 2015
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