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My eye bags were protruding and really making me look a lot older than my actual age. Dr. Mark Glasgold had helped me in the past with fillers, so I made an appointment to see if he could help me with my new problem. As always, Dr. Glasgold was excellent during my appointment. He showed me before-and-after photos of patients who had the exact same problem as I did. The results were so impressive that I signed up for my procedure right away. Dr. Glasgold explained the procedure from start to finish and let me know exactly what to expect during the recovery process, which really helped calm my nerves and make me feel comfortable and relaxed.

I'm about a month and a half out from my surgery now and am so pleased. The little bit of swelling and bruising is completely gone now and I just love my new look. Dr. Glasgold's staff was so pleasant during my recovery. They took such great care of me and were always were available. I couldn't be happier with me experience, and have no reservations strongly recommending Dr. Mark Glasgold to other patients.
I've known Dr. Mark Glasgold for a long time. He's helped me with injections and also done my upper and lower eyelids. Of course, I knew he was the person to go to when I wanted to look great for my daughter's wedding. He listened to all of my goals, examined my face, and recommended a deep plane facelift. I choose to have the procedure with complete trust and confidence in Dr. Glasgold. And once again, my results are amazing.

The sagging in my lower jowls is gone and I look younger and more refreshed. My results are so natural that no one can tell I've had a procedure, which is exactly what I was looking for. Recovery was fantastic: no pain, minimal swelling and bruising that quickly went away. Follow-up was also fantastic, Dr. Glasgold always answered all of my questions and took great care of me. If there are any women out there thinking about a deep plane facelift, I highly recommend Dr. Mark Glasgold.
A facelift was always in the back of my mind. When I finally decided it was time for the procedure, I reached out to my long-time cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mark Glasgold. He patiently listened while I explained all of my concerns and then he told me everything he'd do to improve my appearance. Deciding to have a facelift was easy because I knew I was in great hands.

My procedure was about four weeks ago, so I can see my initial results and they're fantastic. I was really impressed with how easy recovery was. It was nice to have local anesthesia instead of general. I think it really helped speed up recovery. My follow up appointments have been very easy, everything at Glasgold Group Plastic Surgery is organized and runs so well. I've already recommended my procedure and Dr. Mark Glasgold to a friend and will continue to do so.
I contemplated facial plastic surgery for about two years. I did diligent research and found three local plastic surgeons. Although I can't say anything bad about the other two surgeons I saw, Dr. Mark Glasgold was by far the most impressive. He recommended a facelift and upper blepharoplasty. I did some research and decided to have the procedures because Dr. Glasgold's testimonials were excellent, a friend highly recommended the procedures and the before-and-after photos on his website were amazing. My expectations were to look to the same but a bit more rested and younger. I can honestly say that my expectations have been met. Dr. Glasgold gave me the exact results I was looking for. I've already recommended him to friends and will continue to do so.
Over the last couple years, I started to notice extra skin hanging from my the area under my chin. It just looked bad. I made an appointment with Dr. Mark Glasgold and together we went over everything from my complaints to his recommended treatment option, a neck lift. I was positive Dr. Mark was the perfect physician for me because he described the procedure in detail and ensured me I would be happy with my results (his amazing before-and-after photos certainly helped reinforce this). Believe it or not, my results are much better than I could have ever imagined and recovery was very easy. Dr. Mark's detailed recovery instructions made everything go so smoothly, a walk in the park. For all of the amazing things I experienced, I'd highly recommend Dr. Mark Glasgold, a first-class surgeon and person, and a neck lift to other patients.
Dr. Mark Glasgold performed my full face and neck lift. I had the procedure because I'm a businesswoman who's about to turn 60 and wanted to look and feel better. I have a friend who's been coming to the Glasgold group for ages for nonsurgical procedures, so I checked out their website, RealSelf reviews, and videos, which were flat out amazing. It was really easy to make the decision to come in for an appointment.

The consultation went very well. Dr. Glasgold knew right away exactly what was bothering me. I was confident he would make me look better and feel happier. I honestly wasn't expecting a miracle, but that's exactly what I got. I can't get over my new look, happiness, and self-confidence. Everything is tighter and looks so much younger. The best thing about it is I had very little downtime, it was like I didn't even have surgery. I'd absolutely, 100% recommend Dr. Glasgold to other patients. I'd also tell them to not worry about a thing because the Glasgold Group really knows how to take care of their patients.
Dr. Mark Glasgold is absolutely amazing. I had injectable treatments on my cheeks and forehead and now look ten years younger. My skin is lifted and my wrinkles are gone. The best part about it is: there was no recovery; zero pain, zero downtime. I'm very happy and 100-percent satisfied with my results. Thanks so much, Dr. Glasgold.
Dr. Mark Glasgold performed a direct neck excision on a friend of mine and I loved his results. I looked at some of his before and after pictures, and scheduled a consultation with him myself. Thereafter, I chose to have Dr. Glasgold perform my neck lift surgery as well. As expected, after the surgery there was some slight discomfort, but looking at how amazing my results are, it was all worth it. When I see myself in the mirror, I look neck looks like it did twenty years ago. Not only does Dr. Mark Glasgold perform great work, but his staff are reliable too. I am prettier and younger, and when people tell me that I look great, they never ask if I had work done. I would always recommend Dr. Mark Glasgold to other patients.
Previously, I had a facelift and upper blepharoplasty performed by another doctor and was unhappy with my results due to large scars. Dr. Mark Glasgold is known as the best surgeon in the area, one of the reasons being that he has a highly regarded technique that was unlike others seen before. During my first consultation, Dr. Glasgold was very clear on what to expect. Before, during, and after the procedure, the staff was very accommodating. My recovery was swift with minimal swelling, and my expectations were met. Dr. Mark Glasgold is highly specialized and experienced, and I highly recommend him.
Dr. Mark Glasgold performed my Facelift and Voluma procedure. Originally I was doing research on line and decided to call his office and request additional information. They sent me brochures in the mail. The procedure made a tremendous difference in my appearance. I am so happy I made the decision to have this done. My daughter has also had fillers done by Dr. Glasgold just a few months ago. I would recommend Dr. Mark Glasgold to others.

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