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Psychiatrist Friendswood, TX



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Psychiatrist Friendswood, TX

Find a psychiatrist in Friendswood, TX who can help with mental health, depression, stress, anxiety, counseling, family and relationships, therapy, and more.

Results for Friendswood, TX

  • Mark Williamson, MD 110 Points

    Mark Williamson, MD

    Texas Ob/Gyn Assoc
    PO Box 3
    Friendswood, TX 77549
  • Shirley Merritt

    Shirley Merritt

    211 E Parkwood Ave Ste 104
    Friendswood, TX 77546
  • Darrell Griffin, MD 100 Points

    Darrell Griffin, MD

    Griffin's Medical Spa
    Distance: 5.01 mi
    560 Blossom St Ste C
    Webster, TX 77598
  • Harry Faust, Jr, DO

    Harry Faust, Jr, DO

    Faust Clinic - Psychiatry
    Distance: 5.01 mi
    521 Orchard Street
    Webster, TX 77598
  • Sandra Mc Elroy, MD 110 Points

    Sandra Mc Elroy, MD

    Distance: 6.56 mi
    612 W Main St Ste C101
    League City, TX 77573
  • Carolyn Villarrubia, MD 100 Points

    Carolyn Villarrubia, MD

    Devereux Out Patient Clinic
    Distance: 6.56 mi
    1150 Devereux Dr
    League City, TX 77573
  • Oi Ho, MD 100 Points

    Oi Ho, MD

    Distance: 6.56 mi
    PO Box 1357
    League City, TX 77574
  • Syed Ahmed, MD 90 Points

    Syed Ahmed, MD

    Distance: 6.56 mi
    1301 Link Rd
    League City, TX 77573
  • Howard Boland, MD 120 Points

    Howard Boland, MD

    Distance: 10.18 mi
    914 Fm 517 Rd W Ste 201B
    Dickinson, TX 77539
  • Claire Friedman, MD 100 Points

    Claire Friedman, MD

    Distance: 10.51 mi
    3926 Bahler Ave
    Manvel, TX 77578
  • Larry Pardue, MD 100 Points

    Larry Pardue, MD

    Distance: 11.18 mi
    2502 Peach Ln
    Pasadena, TX 77502
  • Gustav Schmiege, MD 90 Points

    Gustav Schmiege, MD

    Schmiege Clinic For Stress
    Distance: 11.18 mi
    4024 Brookhaven Ave
    Pasadena, TX 77504
  • Carlos Guerra Jr, MD
    720 Points

    Carlos Guerra Jr, MD

    Carlos Guerra, Jr., M.D., P.A.
    Distance: 18.87 mi
    9701 Richmond Ave Ste 200
    Houston, TX 77042
  • Matthew Brams, MD 540 Points

    Matthew Brams, MD

    Distance: 18.87 mi
    550 Westcott St Ste 520
    Houston, TX 77007
  • Seth Silverman, MD 530 Points

    Seth Silverman, MD

    Silverman Group
    Distance: 18.87 mi
    4203 Montrose Blvd.
    Suite 310
    Houston, TX 77006
  • Kathleen Gallentine, MD 490 Points

    Kathleen Gallentine, MD

    Kathleen Gallentine, MD
    Distance: 18.87 mi
    3100 Richmond Ave Ste 410
    Houston, TX 77098
  • Asma Rehman
    480 Points

    Asma Rehman

    Grief Recovery Center
    Distance: 18.87 mi
    2040 North Loop West
    Suite 300
    Houston, TX 77018
  • James Wright III, MD 450 Points

    James Wright III, MD

    James R Wright III MD
    Distance: 18.87 mi
    14340 Torrey Chase Blvd
    Ste 325
    Houston, TX 77014
  • Ronald Garb, MD 390 Points

    Ronald Garb, MD

    Ronald Garb MD
    Distance: 18.87 mi
    929 Gessner Rd Ste 2000
    Houston, TX 77024
  • Daniel Garza, MD 350 Points

    Daniel Garza, MD

    Daniel Garza, MD, PA
    Distance: 18.87 mi
    3131 Eastside Street
    Suite 415
    Houston, TX 77098
  • Gia Merlo, MD, MBA
    350 Points

    Gia Merlo, MD, MBA

    Distance: 18.87 mi
    Department of Child Psychiatry, 8080 North Stadium Drive
    Houston, TX 77054
  • William Drell, MD 340 Points

    William Drell, MD

    Distance: 18.87 mi
    902 Frostwood Dr Ste 283
    Houston, TX 77024
  • Craig Bushong, MD 340 Points

    Craig Bushong, MD

    Distance: 18.87 mi
    3355 W Alabama St Ste 125
    Houston, TX 77098
  • Elizabeth Hedden, MD 340 Points

    Elizabeth Hedden, MD

    University Behavioral Health
    Distance: 18.87 mi
    12727 Featherwood Dr Ste 285
    Houston, TX 77034
  • Larry Flowers, MD 330 Points

    Larry Flowers, MD

    Larry Flowers & Assoc
    Distance: 18.87 mi
    110 Cypress Station Dr Ste 113
    Houston, TX 77090
  • Vikram Mehra, MD 330 Points

    Vikram Mehra, MD

    Distance: 18.87 mi
    10101 Southwest Freeway Ste. 310
    Houston, TX 77074
  • Patricia Corke, MD 320 Points

    Patricia Corke, MD

    Distance: 18.87 mi
    18333 Egret Bay Blvd Ste 305
    Houston, TX 77058
  • Jessica Holt, MD 260 Points

    Jessica Holt, MD

    Jessica B. Holt, MD, PA
    Distance: 18.87 mi
    920 Frostwood Dr.
    Houston, TX 77024
  • Milton Altschuler, MD 250 Points

    Milton Altschuler, MD

    Distance: 18.87 mi
    4550 Post Oak Place Dr Ste 320
    Houston, TX 77027
  • Lauren Marangell, MD 250 Points

    Lauren Marangell, MD

    Brain Health Consultants
    Distance: 18.87 mi
    24 Greenway Plaza, Suite 2020
    Houston, TX 77046
  • Jorge de la Torre, MD 200 Points

    Jorge de la Torre, MD

    Distance: 18.87 mi
    2001 Kirby Dr., Ste. 503
    Houston, TX 77004
  • Norman Decker, MD 200 Points

    Norman Decker, MD

    Distance: 18.87 mi
    P.O. Box 980517
    Houston, TX 77098
  • Susan Backes, MD 170 Points

    Susan Backes, MD

    Distance: 18.87 mi
    4550 Post Oak Place Dr Ste 252
    Houston, TX 77027
  • Barry Gritz, MD 170 Points

    Barry Gritz, MD

    Distance: 18.87 mi
    3310 KATY FREEWAY #310
    Houston, TX 77007
  • Wafaa Farag, MD 170 Points

    Wafaa Farag, MD

    Houston Clinic
    Distance: 18.87 mi
    1648 Richmond Ave
    Houston, TX 77006
  • Daniel Kaufman, MD 170 Points

    Daniel Kaufman, MD

    Distance: 18.87 mi
    4101 Greenbriar St Ste 325
    Houston, TX 77098
  • Sergio Henao, MD 160 Points

    Sergio Henao, MD

    Distance: 18.87 mi
    902 Frostwood Dr Ste 135
    Houston, TX 77024
  • Cyrus Sajadi, MD 160 Points

    Cyrus Sajadi, MD

    Houston Stress Ctr
    Distance: 18.87 mi
    2605 Potomac Dr
    Houston, TX 77057
  • Jose Gutierrez, MD 160 Points

    Jose Gutierrez, MD

    Psychiatric Center Of Houston
    Distance: 18.87 mi
    7500 Beechnut St Ste 214
    Houston, TX 77074

Psychiatrist Info

Psychiatrist Summary:
Psychiatry involves the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of mental illness. A psychiatrist diagnoses mental and emotional disorders using assessments and may order further psychiatric diagnostic laboratory tests if necessary. Mental and emotional disorders including difficulty coping, stress, trauma, mood and anxiety disorders, substance-abuse disorders, sexual issues, schizophrenia, and addictions may be helped by different forms of psychiatry.

Common Treatments: Psychiatrists commonly treat children and adults suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD), clinical depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, phobias, paranoia, psychosis, OCD, and panic attacks. Additional disorders treated by psychiatrists are: mania, schizophrenia, claustrophobia, paranoia, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, hallucinations, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and panic disorder.

Psychiatrist FAQs:
What is a


A Psychiatrist is a licensed physician who specializes in the evaluation, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental and emotional disorders.

What is the Difference between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist?

Psychologists are concerned with the different aspects of behavior and mental processes and cannot prescribe medications. A clinical psychologist uses psychotherapy and other counseling skills to improve emotional and mental health. A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor who performs psychotherapy but can also prescribe medicine.

Why might I see a Psychiatrist?

You could see a Psychiatrist for abuse, addictions, anxiety, coping mechanism issues, depression, an eating disorder, emotional distress, personal growth, phobias, relationship issues, sexual problems, and trauma.

What are the requirements for becoming a licensed Psychiatrist?

A Psychiatrist must have a Masters or a Doctoral Degree from an accredited school. Other requirements toward becoming a Psychiatrist include residency training and board certifications that vary from state to state.

Psychiatrist Related Terms:
anxiety, behavioral disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, suicide, relationship difficulties, chronic mental illness, parenting issues, adjustment disorders, personality disorders, lobotomy, antidepressants