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Psychiatrist Los Angeles, CA



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Psychiatrist Los Angeles, CA

Find a psychiatrist in Los Angeles, CA who can help with mental health, depression, stress, anxiety, counseling, family and relationships, therapy, and more.

Results for Los Angeles, CA

  • Loreta Mulokas, MD 100 Points

    Loreta Mulokas, MD

    172 E 120th St
    Los Angeles, CA 90061
  • R Nadella, MD 100 Points

    R Nadella, MD

    11301 Wilshire Blvd Ste 116A11
    Los Angeles, CA 90073
  • Joseph Natterson, MD 100 Points

    Joseph Natterson, MD

    9911 W Pico Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90035
  • Richard Ness, MD 100 Points

    Richard Ness, MD

    100 Ucla Medical Plz Ste 725
    Los Angeles, CA 90024
  • Peter Whybrow, MD 100 Points

    Peter Whybrow, MD

    Neuropsychiatric Institute
    760 Westwood Plz, B8-248 Npi
    Los Angeles, CA 90024
  • Saul Niedorf, MD 100 Points

    Saul Niedorf, MD

    639 N Larchmont Blvd Ste 101
    Los Angeles, CA 90004
  • Ralph Obler, MD 100 Points

    Ralph Obler, MD

    11860 Wilshire Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • Arthur Ourieff, MD 100 Points

    Arthur Ourieff, MD

    320 N Cliffwood Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90049
  • Robert Shain, MD 100 Points

    Robert Shain, MD

    Pacific Psychiatric
    1823 Sawtelle Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • Allen Pack, MD 100 Points

    Allen Pack, MD

    11633 San Vicente Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90049
  • Regina Pally, MD 100 Points

    Regina Pally, MD

    11980 San Vicente Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90049
  • Robert Perkins, MD 100 Points

    Robert Perkins, MD

    11980 San Vicente Blvd Ste 820
    Los Angeles, CA 90049
  • Carolanne Phelan, MD 100 Points

    Carolanne Phelan, MD

    12424 Wilshire Blvd., Ste 1010
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • Edmond Pi, MD 100 Points

    Edmond Pi, MD

    1720 E 120th St, Dept Of Psychiatry #1021
    Los Angeles, CA 90059
  • Alan Pollack, MD 100 Points

    Alan Pollack, MD

    6041 Cadillac Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90034
  • Joshua Pretsky, MD 100 Points

    Joshua Pretsky, MD

    11980 San Vicente Blvd Ste 910
    Los Angeles, CA 90049
  • Brenda Quon, MD 100 Points

    Brenda Quon, MD

    1640 Marengo St Ste 510
    Los Angeles, CA 90033
  • Natalia Rasgon, MD 100 Points

    Natalia Rasgon, MD

    300 Ucla Medical Plz Ste 2333
    Los Angeles, CA 90095
  • Stephen Read, MD 100 Points

    Stephen Read, MD

    2566 Overland Ave Ste 500B
    Los Angeles, CA 90064
  • Ellen Reitz, MD 100 Points

    Ellen Reitz, MD

    1200 N State St Ste 10620
    Los Angeles, CA 90033
  • Arjun Reyes, MD 100 Points

    Arjun Reyes, MD

    1937 Hospital Pl
    Los Angeles, CA 90033
  • Edward Ritvo, MD 100 Points

    Edward Ritvo, MD

    760 Westwood Plz
    Los Angeles, CA 90095
  • Robert Elstad, MD 100 Points

    Robert Elstad, MD

    Robert J Elstad Inc
    2080 Century Park E Ste 901
    Los Angeles, CA 90067
  • Burton Roger, MD 100 Points

    Burton Roger, MD

    11980 San Vicente Blvd Ste 700
    Los Angeles, CA 90049
  • Gerald Rozansky, MD 100 Points

    Gerald Rozansky, MD

    1850 Sawtelle Blvd Ste 490
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • Alice Rudnick, MD 100 Points

    Alice Rudnick, MD

    11980 San Vicente Blvd # Blvd-711
    Los Angeles, CA 90049
  • Jonathan Salk, MD 100 Points

    Jonathan Salk, MD

    11980 San Vicente Blvd Ste 810
    Los Angeles, CA 90049
  • Samuel Smith, MD 100 Points

    Samuel Smith, MD

    Samuel P Smith Inc
    1127 Wilshire Blvd Ste 606
    Los Angeles, CA 90017
  • Albert Sattin, MD 100 Points

    Albert Sattin, MD

    11301 Wilshire Blvd, Box 84122
    Los Angeles, CA 90073
  • John Schairer, MD 100 Points

    John Schairer, MD

    10921 Wilshire Blvd Ste 504
    Los Angeles, CA 90024
  • Bella Schimmel, MD 100 Points

    Bella Schimmel, MD

    3127 Purdue Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90066
  • Ernest Schreiber, MD 100 Points

    Ernest Schreiber, MD

    11340 W Olympic Blvd Ste 150
    Los Angeles, CA 90064
  • Albert Schrut, MD 100 Points

    Albert Schrut, MD

    911 Honeywood Rd
    Los Angeles, CA 90049
  • Holly Schwartz, MD 100 Points

    Holly Schwartz, MD

    9911 W Pico Blvd Ste 1025
    Los Angeles, CA 90035
  • Jeffrey Schwartz, MD 100 Points

    Jeffrey Schwartz, MD

    12304 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 210
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • Thomas Brod, MD 100 Points

    Thomas Brod, MD

    Self-Regulation Medical Group
    12304 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 210
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • Joanne Seltzer, MD 100 Points

    Joanne Seltzer, MD

    1626 Westwood Blvd Ste 105
    Los Angeles, CA 90024
  • Uri Peles, MD 100 Points

    Uri Peles, MD

    Sexual Medicine Ctr-Bvrly Hlls
    8631 W 3rd St Ste 1100E
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
  • Roderick Shaner, MD 100 Points

    Roderick Shaner, MD

    550 S Vermont Ave, 12th Fl
    Los Angeles, CA 90020
  • Daniel Siegel, MD 100 Points

    Daniel Siegel, MD

    11980 San Vicente Blvd Ste 809
    Los Angeles, CA 90049
  • Donald Siegel, MD 100 Points

    Donald Siegel, MD

    1400 Brinkley Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90049
  • Ellen Siepser, MD 100 Points

    Ellen Siepser, MD

    110 S Fairfax Ave #A11-235
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
  • David Sones, MD 100 Points

    David Sones, MD

    11980 San Vicente Blvd Ste 701
    Los Angeles, CA 90049
  • James Spar, MD 100 Points

    James Spar, MD

    760 Westwood Plz
    Los Angeles, CA 90095
  • Philip Stutz, MD 100 Points

    Philip Stutz, MD

    11701 Texas Ave Apt 309
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • Berne Surrey, MD 100 Points

    Berne Surrey, MD

    10444 Santa Monica Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • Alejandra Suzuki, MD 100 Points

    Alejandra Suzuki, MD

    1937 Hospital Pl
    Los Angeles, CA 90033
  • Frank Tan, MD 100 Points

    Frank Tan, MD

    11980 San Vicente Blvd Ste 612
    Los Angeles, CA 90049
  • Joseph Thompson, MD 100 Points

    Joseph Thompson, MD

    11600 Wilshire Blvd Ste 500
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • Samuel Trueblood, MD 100 Points

    Samuel Trueblood, MD

    1911 N Curson Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90046

Psychiatrist Info

Psychiatrist Summary:
Psychiatry involves the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of mental illness. A psychiatrist diagnoses mental and emotional disorders using assessments and may order further psychiatric diagnostic laboratory tests if necessary. Mental and emotional disorders including difficulty coping, stress, trauma, mood and anxiety disorders, substance-abuse disorders, sexual issues, schizophrenia, and addictions may be helped by different forms of psychiatry.

Common Treatments: Psychiatrists commonly treat children and adults suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD), clinical depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, phobias, paranoia, psychosis, OCD, and panic attacks. Additional disorders treated by psychiatrists are: mania, schizophrenia, claustrophobia, paranoia, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, hallucinations, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and panic disorder.

Psychiatrist FAQs:
What is a


A Psychiatrist is a licensed physician who specializes in the evaluation, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental and emotional disorders.

What is the Difference between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist?

Psychologists are concerned with the different aspects of behavior and mental processes and cannot prescribe medications. A clinical psychologist uses psychotherapy and other counseling skills to improve emotional and mental health. A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor who performs psychotherapy but can also prescribe medicine.

Why might I see a Psychiatrist?

You could see a Psychiatrist for abuse, addictions, anxiety, coping mechanism issues, depression, an eating disorder, emotional distress, personal growth, phobias, relationship issues, sexual problems, and trauma.

What are the requirements for becoming a licensed Psychiatrist?

A Psychiatrist must have a Masters or a Doctoral Degree from an accredited school. Other requirements toward becoming a Psychiatrist include residency training and board certifications that vary from state to state.

Psychiatrist Related Terms:
anxiety, behavioral disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, suicide, relationship difficulties, chronic mental illness, parenting issues, adjustment disorders, personality disorders, lobotomy, antidepressants