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Pain Management Specialist Oklahoma City, OK


Pain Management Specialists

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Pain Management Specialist Oklahoma City, OK

Find a pain management specialist in Oklahoma City, OK to relieve pain.

Results for Oklahoma City, OK

  • Steven Randall, MD
    610 Points

    Avenstar Pain Specialists
    3400 S Douglas Blvd
    Oklahoma City, OK 73150
  • Laurence Altshuler, MD 160 Points

    Balanced Healing Medical Center
    2520 NorthWest Expressway Street
    Oklahoma City, OK 73112
  • Michael Schwartz, M.D. 130 Points

    OKLAHOMA PainCare, Inc.
    4334 NW Expressway, Ste.270
    Oklahoma City, OK 73116
  • D. Brent Tipton, MD 40 Points

    5100 North Brookline Avenue Suite 530
    Oklahoma City, OK 73112
  • Martin J Lopez, MD 30 Points

  • Gaylan Yates, DO, MD 20 Points

    14101 Parlary Cammors Dr
    Oklahoma City, OK 73134
  • Donald Chadwell, MD

    700 Nw 7th St
    Oklahoma City, OK 73101
  • 100 Points

    Distance: 12.98 mi
    800 W. 18th Street
    Suite 100
    Edmond, OK 73013
  • David Ellis, MD

    Oklahoma 62 Clin
    Distance: 14.58 mi
    15000 N Douglas Blvd
    Jones, OK 73049

Nearby Cities

Edmond (12.98 mi)
Jones (14.58 mi)

Pain Management Specialist Info

Pain Management Specialist FAQs:
What is a

Pain Management Specialist

A Pain Management Specialist is a physician who has four extra years learning anesthesiology and pain medicine to help patients with pain management.

When would I need a Pain Management Specialist?
If you are experiencing severe pain from a surgery, illness, or injury you could be referred to a Pain Management Specialist. A Pain Management Specialist can also treat cancer pain from radiation or chemotherapy. A Pain Management Specialist treats patients with arthritis, nerve pain and migraines.

What does a Pain Management Specialist do?
A Pain Management Specialist can prescribe medication and treatments, and a Pain Management Specialist can also create a therapy plan to help manage your pain.

Pain Management Specialist Related Terms:
pain relief, pain management, therapy, medication, pain relievers, anesthesiology, pain medicine