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Family Doctor Chicago, IL


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Family Doctor Chicago, IL

Find the best family doctor in Chicago, IL with family practice services including annual physicals, sports physicals, acute care, primary care, chronic disease care, illness, cancer screening and more.

Results for Chicago, IL

  • Quinn Scallon, MD 100 Points

    Quinn Scallon, MD

    Infant Welfare Auxilary
    1931 N Halsted St
    Chicago, IL 60614
  • Mukesh Jain, MD 100 Points

    Mukesh Jain, MD

    111 N Wabash Ave Ste 1416
    Chicago, IL 60602
  • Carrie Jaworski, MD 100 Points

    Carrie Jaworski, MD

    7447 W Talcott Ave, Resurrection Fam Pract Ctr
    Chicago, IL 60631
  • Michael Jutovsky, MD 100 Points

    Michael Jutovsky, MD

    6326 N Lincoln Ave
    Chicago, IL 60659
  • Brian Ralston, MD 100 Points

    Brian Ralston, MD

    Kildare Clinic
    5101 S Kildare Ave
    Chicago, IL 60632
  • Judith King, MD 100 Points

    Judith King, MD

    5050 S Lake Shore Dr Ste 6
    Chicago, IL 60615
  • Thomas Klein, MD 100 Points

    Thomas Klein, MD

    711 W. North Ave.
    Ste. 209
    Chicago, IL 60610
  • Keith Knapp, MD 100 Points

    Keith Knapp, MD

    Knapp Medical
    3303 S Halsted St
    Chicago, IL 60608
  • Henry Kowalski, MD 100 Points

    Henry Kowalski, MD

    5901 N Milwaukee Ave Ste D
    Chicago, IL 60646
  • Janusz Kusz, MD 100 Points

    Janusz Kusz, MD

    Kusz Medical Ctr
    6075 N Northwest Hwy
    Chicago, IL 60631
  • Pawel Kwiecinski, MD 100 Points

    Pawel Kwiecinski, MD

    5356 W Diversey Ave
    Chicago, IL 60639
  • Jose Castellanos, MD 100 Points

    Jose Castellanos, MD

    LA Familia Wellness Ctr
    5241 S Cicero Ave
    Chicago, IL 60632
  • Lynda Lane, MD 100 Points

    Lynda Lane, MD

    Lakeshore Medical Consultants
    2800 N Sheridan Rd
    Chicago, IL 60657
  • Susana Lapid, MD 100 Points

    Susana Lapid, MD

    7215 W Touhy Ave
    Chicago, IL 60631
  • Sandra Hoogland, MD 100 Points

    Sandra Hoogland, MD

    Lawndale Christian Health Ctr
    3860 W Ogden Ave
    Chicago, IL 60623
  • James Melia, MD 100 Points

    James Melia, MD

    Lawndale Christian Health Ctr
    3860 W Ogden Ave
    Chicago, IL 60623
  • Donna Peterson, MD 100 Points

    Donna Peterson, MD

    Lawndale Christian Health Ctr
    3860 W Ogden Ave
    Chicago, IL 60623
  • Mark Zimmerman, MD 100 Points

    Mark Zimmerman, MD

    Lawndale Christian Health Ctr
    3864 W Ogden Ave
    Chicago, IL 60623
  • Kew-Jung (John) Lee, MD 100 Points

    Kew-Jung (John) Lee, MD

    830 W. Diversey Pkwy.
    2nd. Fl.
    Chicago, IL 60614
  • Rogelio Liboon, MD 100 Points

    Rogelio Liboon, MD

    1937 W 35th St
    Chicago, IL 60609
  • Tssy-Min Lin, MD 100 Points

    Tssy-Min Lin, MD

    4707 N Broadway St Ste 206
    Chicago, IL 60640
  • Martin Lipsky, MD 100 Points

    Martin Lipsky, MD

    303 E Chicago Ave # 1-658
    Chicago, IL 60611
  • Flordeliza Litao, MD 100 Points

    Flordeliza Litao, MD

    2418 W Division St, Chicago Dept Of Health
    Chicago, IL 60622
  • Esther Liu, MD 100 Points

    Esther Liu, MD

    1044 N Francisco Ave, 1044 N Francisco Ave
    Chicago, IL 60622
  • Finley Brown Jr, MD 100 Points

    Finley Brown Jr, MD

    Logan Square Medical Group
    2511 N Kedzie Blvd
    Chicago, IL 60647
  • Jerome Militante, MD 100 Points

    Jerome Militante, MD

    M & S Medical Ctr
    4753 N Broadway St Ste 900
    Chicago, IL 60640
  • Ulysses Magnanao, DO 100 Points

    Ulysses Magnanao, DO

    7447 W Talcott Ave Ste 182
    Chicago, IL 60631
  • Nicole Malek, DO
    100 Points

    Nicole Malek, DO

    3500 W. Peterson Ave.
    Ste. 300
    Chicago, IL 60659
  • Kathleen Maloul, MD 100 Points

    Kathleen Maloul, MD

    5145 N California Ave
    Chicago, IL 60625
  • Dennis Manshio, MD 100 Points

    Dennis Manshio, MD

    945 W George St
    Chicago, IL 60657
  • Ryszard Marchel, MD 100 Points

    Ryszard Marchel, MD

    5036 S Archer Ave
    Chicago, IL 60632
  • Francisco Mariano, MD 100 Points

    Francisco Mariano, MD

    2433 N Harlem Ave
    Chicago, IL 60707
  • Gladstone Martin, MD 100 Points

    Gladstone Martin, MD

    3216 S Wentworth Ave Ofc 101
    Chicago, IL 60616
  • Brian Casaclang, DO 100 Points

    Brian Casaclang, DO

    Medical Office Ctr Family
    2400 N Sheffield Ave, Advocate Health Ctr
    Chicago, IL 60614
  • Carmelita Carriaga, MD 100 Points

    Carmelita Carriaga, MD

    Medicine & Surgery Clinic
    5159 S Damen Ave
    Chicago, IL 60609
  • Iouri Melnik, MD 100 Points

    Iouri Melnik, MD

    CHICAGO, IL 60622
  • Sze Wong, MD 100 Points

    Sze Wong, MD

    Mercy Medical
    2323 S Wentworth Ave Ste 201
    Chicago, IL 60616
  • Nigam Patel, MD 100 Points

    Nigam Patel, MD

    Michael Reese Hospital
    2200 W Touhy Ave, Primary Healthcare
    Chicago, IL 60645
  • Jacek Milkowski, MD 100 Points

    Jacek Milkowski, MD

    5631 N Milwaukee Ave
    Chicago, IL 60646
  • Subhash Mishra, MD 100 Points

    Subhash Mishra, MD

    5145 N California Ave
    Chicago, IL 60625
  • Frank Mitchell, MD 100 Points

    Frank Mitchell, MD

    247 E Chestnut St Apt 1801
    Chicago, IL 60611
  • Shakir Moiduddin, MD 100 Points

    Shakir Moiduddin, MD

    11638 S Western Ave
    Chicago, IL 60643
  • Jose Munoz, MD 100 Points

    Jose Munoz, MD

    4235 W North Ave
    Chicago, IL 60639
  • David Freedman, MD 100 Points

    David Freedman, MD

    New City Hlth Ctr
    1850 W Garfield Blvd
    Chicago, IL 60609
  • Joseph Atto, MD 100 Points

    Joseph Atto, MD

    Northwest Medical Foundation
    3207 W Bryn Mawr Ave
    Chicago, IL 60659
  • Amy Wang, MD 100 Points

    Amy Wang, MD

    Northwestern Memorial Hosp
    250 E Superior St Ste 1
    Chicago, IL 60611
  • Paul Meyer, DO 100 Points

    Paul Meyer, DO

    Orthopadics & Spine Trmtlgy SC
    7702 W Touhy Ave
    Chicago, IL 60631
  • Joyce Delneky, MD 100 Points

    Joyce Delneky, MD

    P & J Medical Svc
    4801 W Peterson Ave Ste 213
    Chicago, IL 60646
  • Kokila Patel, MD 100 Points

    Kokila Patel, MD

    P & K Patel
    7447 W Talcott Ave Ste 216
    Chicago, IL 60631
  • Pramod Patel, MD 100 Points

    Pramod Patel, MD

    P & K Patel
    7447 W Talcott Ave Ste 216
    Chicago, IL 60631

Family Doctor Info

Family Doctor Summary:
A family doctor is board certified in family medicine and typically operates a family practice. Family doctors are usually general practitioners who treat all types of patients of all ages. A family doctor is uniquely trained to care for patients as a whole person, regardless of their age or sex. A family doctor is trained to diagnose and treat a wide array of acute and chronic illnesses as well as provide routine health screenings. A family doctor typically works with patients through all stages of their life and has a strong knowledge and background of the patient's family health history. A family doctor should stay current in most aspects of primary medical care and should offer the most current treatments and technologies available.

Family Doctor FAQs:
What is a Family Doctor?

A Family Doctor is a health care professional that practices medicine and is licensed by a state board.

What type of care can a Family Doctor or Family Practice Physician provide?

A Family Doctor counsels and examines patients for minor injuries or diseases that do not warrant the expertise of a specialist. A Family Doctor can do minor procedures and connect patients with specialists for more complicated procedures.

What can I see Family Doctor for?
You can see a Family Doctor for any non-emergency health issue. A Family Doctor can usually provide care to patients of all ages and refer patients to specialists if necessary.

What does a Family Doctor typically not treat?
Family doctors typically do not treat broken bones, cancer, serious diseases or emergency treatment.

What should you do if you need immediate medical care?
If you have a medical emergency and possibly need an ambulance, dial 911 immediately.

How do I find the best Family Doctor in my city and state?
The directory will help you locate an Family Doctor in your state. Select Family Doctor from the professionals menu and select the state that you are looking to locate a Family Doctor in. After you have located your state, find the city that you will need a Family Doctor in. Select the state and city and you will see a list of Family Doctors in your city and state.

Family Doctor Related Terms:
Physical examinations, cholesterol testing, wound care, pap smears, immunizations, skin biopsies, fitness programs, stress reduction plans, ongoing evaluations, bone density testing, menopause treatment, family doctor