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Chiropractic Radiologist Snohomish, WA


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Chiropractic Radiologist Snohomish, WA

Results for Snohomish, WA

  • Eli Bentabou, D.C. 110 Points

    Eli Bentabou Chiropractic & Wellness Center
    Distance: 20.87 mi
    1705 E. Main St.
    FREELAND, WA 98249
  • Christopher Nelson, Ph.D. 460 Points

    Christopher Nelson Ph.D LLC
    Distance: 21.42 mi
    1380 112th Avenue NE, Suite 101
    Bellevue, WA 98004
  • SUSAN VLASUK, DC 20 Points

    Distance: 21.42 mi
    875 140TH AVE NE
    SUITE 203
    BELLEVUE, WA 98005
  • 20 Points

    Distance: 23.79 mi
    9015 HOLMAN RD NW
    SUITE 3
    SEATTLE, WA 98117

Nearby Cities

Bellevue (21.44 mi)
Seattle (23.81 mi)

Chiropractic Radiologist Info

Chiropractic Radiologist Summary:
Chiropractic radiology is a referral specialty that provides consultation services at the request of other qualified doctors. Chiropractic radiologists provide consultation in health care facilities (private offices, hospitals and teaching institutions) to meet the needs of referring doctors and their patients. The quality of the consultative services by the chiropractic radiologist in independent practice is reflected by the quality of their professional credentials. Chiropractic radiologists recommend, supervise, and interpret radiologic studies as well as advanced imaging procedures. They advise referring physicians on the necessity and appropriateness of radiologic services and whether to select or to avoid certain diagnostic or clinical procedures. In some instances the radiologist may act as a private practitioner. They may conduct research and apply diagnostic radiologic procedures and may be called upon to act as expert witnesses in matters of litigation.

Chiropractic radiologists are also concerned with imaging technology including image production, demonstration of normal and abnormal anatomy, and the interaction of energy and matter. The advances in the technological facets of radiology are so rapid that only qualified radiologists can reasonably be expected to maintain the high level of proficiency required to supervise and interpret these procedures. The practice of radiology continuously involves the application of this technology to patient imaging and treatment.

It is now well recognized that chiropractic radiology includes, but is not limited to, plain film radiography, fluoroscopy, tomography, ultrasonography, radioisotope imaging, computed tomography, digital radiography, and magnetic resonance imaging. Individual practices may vary by intent, licensure, and scope of practice laws.

Source: American Chiropractic Board of Radiology, 2009 [7/1/2009: definition added]