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O'Dell Chiropractic

At O'Dell Family Chiropractic, we provide the following services to effectively manage and treat pain resulting from a range of underlying health conditions:

Chiropractic Care - First and foremost, we provide chiropractic care that helps to heal your muscular, spinal, and nervous systems. With a course of adjustments from our chiropractor, you can end pain, inflammation, and suffering and finally regain good health.
Spinal Decompression - If you suffer from a herniated or budged disc, you may think that back surgery is your only option. Before you go for invasive surgery and face a long and difficult recovery, try our spinal decompression services. By using traction and chiropractic adjustments, we can heal your back pain - for good.
Pain Management - Many pain problems respond to chiropractic treatment and the holistic approach of our staff. From stress-related injuries to pain resulting from accidents, we can find the root of your pain, use spinal manipulation to soothe pain, and teach you corrective exercises to prevent recurrences.
Auto Accident Injury - An auto accident can leave you with chronic pain months or even years after the impact of the crash. If you have been in an auto accident, we encourage you to visit us right away. We can provide adjustments that treat pain, realign the spine, reduce inflammation, and restore mobility and strength to damaged muscles. The sooner after the accident you can visit us, the faster you can heal.
Work Injury - Workplace injuries such as back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome respond well to chiropractic care. We can use spinal manipulation to release pressure from the joints, break apart scar tissue for thorough healing, and realign the spine for improved energy and optimal health.
X-Rays - X-Rays - We take any medically necessary before and after x-rays with our patients, which allow you to see the results of our treatment! Before and after x-rays give you the peace of mind to know that not only are you feelin
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