Arunya Villiers, Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach

Arunya Villiers, Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach
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Arunya Villiers, Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach

I became a Holistic Health Coach because I am truly passionate about helping people feel good. Feeling good and being happy begins with your body functioning in harmony and being in balance. Our health is without question our most important asset yet we spend all of our time focusing on other things like our career, money, goals, finding the perfect partner and so on, never realizing that without good health it's impossible to function at our true potential in any other areas. We take life for granted and keep putting off our health even when our bodies send us constant signals that something is wrong. We convince ourselves that it's normal as we get older to constantly feel tired, depressed, run down, sickly and in chronic pain but that's far from the truth. If we ignore those signs for long enough then eventually we build up enough toxins to be diagnosed with a life threatening disease because our bodies can only take so much neglect. Now instead of spending your life suffering, imagine a life where you wake up every day excited, full of energy and feeling great. A life where eating makes you feel good instead of guilty, imagine a life where you are constantly growing and moving forward towards your goals, where you feel strong with zero health issues, a life where every person you come in contact with is drawn to your upbeat energy and a life in which you love your body and can say 'I feel great and I love my life!' You can have this and it's not as difficult as you think. I believe the answer is to have an easy to follow plan as well as a support system in place.

Although my main expertise and focus is the physical body and nutrition, I realize that health and happiness go hand in hand and I've come
up with a program that addresses the full circle of health. Feeling good mentally depends on your physical health more than most people realize. If you aren't eating correctly and are loading your body up with a massive amount of toxins then you will also be depressed, sleep badly, have mood swings, be unable to focus and have zero energy. The circle continues and our mental state also directly affects our physical health so with chronic negative thoughts and stress causing disease it basically wrecks havoc on our systems. It's important to not only change our lifestyle in a physical sense but to also focus on the mental aspect to avoid constant negative thought cycles, self sabotage mind patterns and manage stress. I believe it's about addressing both of those aspects of health so we can achieve the perfect state of being and fully enjoy life.

Whether you're just looking to lose some excess weight, overcome a chronic health issue or just find some guidance in life, I'm here to help you. Often times when everything in life feels like it's falling apart, one needs to step back and start from the beginning and the first step is to address what's going wrong on a physical level as without a healthy body, nothing else can function optimally. We all want to live a long and healthy life and when it comes to your body, nutrition, mental wellness and overall health, I can help you achieve this using my expertise in alternative medicine, nutrition, meditation and natural hygiene. As a holistic health coach I give you simple tools, support and adequate time to make realistic changes that last a lifetime. By treating you as a whole person, nourishing your body with whole foods, removing toxins and addictive substances, managing stress and rewiring your behavioral patterns we are taking care of the underlying causes of weight-gain, fatigue and disease. ​

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Years In Practice 13
Primary Specialty

Dietitian - Nutritionist

Gender Female
Education Natural Hygiene, Holistic Healing & Fasting
Training Natural Hygiene at College of Life Science
Certification Certified Holistic & Life coach
Office Staff 4
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