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Dr. Stephan

Dr. Stephan is the founder and developer of EssentiaLean, which is a system for weight loss in Atlanta, Georgia (GA). For the past 20 years, EssentiaLean has helped a number of people greatly improve their health and lifestyle. Dr. Stephan has worked with a number of Olympic and professional athletes, helping them to improve their performance and enhance their health. The EssentiaLean Weight Management System addresses all major components of healthy weight loss and weight management. While individual results vary, Dr. Stephan is confident that EssentiaLean customers will see results if they follow the system as recommended.

For healthy, effective weight loss in Atlanta, GA, please contact Dr. Stephan to get started on EssentiaLean today.


Dr. Stephan has been providing EssentiaLean in Atlanta, Georgia (GA) for over 20 years. The EssentiaLean Weight Management System is designed to help individuals burn more calories than they take in by providing Proper Supplementation, Proper Diet & Nutrition, and Proper Exercise. The 60-day EssentiaLean programs Proper Supplementation includes The Cleansing Formula, The Weight Loss Formula, The Vita-Amino Formula and The Super Anti Oxidant Jiaogulan Green Tea. Their Proper Diet & Nutrition includes a simple, effective and non-starving 60-day eating recommendation plan and Maintenance Healthy Lifestyle eating guidelines thereafter. EssentiaLean customers also receive Proper Exercise, which includes a three-set DVD of specially-designed exercises that take only 20 minutes per day. The exercises are simple yet effective, and can be done three days on and one day off.

Those in need of assistance with weight loss in Atlanta, GA should contact Dr. Stephan to find out how they can benefit from EssentiaLean, or visit the website for more information.