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Karen Diaz, RD
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Dietitian - Nutritionist

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Karen Diaz, RD

Karen Diaz is a registered online dietitian and nutritionist in Wyckoff, New Jersey (NJ). Nutritionist Karen Diaz gives clients interested in weight loss in Wyckoff, New Jersey (NJ) the opportunity to have nutrition available in their homes, making it easier and more affordable than traditional dietitian offices. She offers a variety of programs, such as Healthy Living For Life, and Food Diary Analysis, which include diet analysis, detailed nutrition assessments, email support, and phone sessions. Karen Diaz uses her expertise as a registered dietitian and nutritionist to find solutions to weight loss by looking at all factors in clients lives and making adjustments to create a healthier lifestyle.

Karen Diaz can help people struggling with yo-yo diets and looking for better solutions to weight loss in Wyckoff, New Jersey (NJ). Clients will be given a personalized nutritional assessment, addressing their specific situation so that optimal nutrition and health are achieved. Nutritionist Karen Diaz offers clients the help and support they may need to overcome obstacles in their life, making their weight loss goals difficult to achieve. Karen Diaz in Wyckoff, New Jersey (NJ) will help clients develop the skills to eating healthier and more nutritious foods, so that they can always feel their very best.


Karen Diaz offers online nutritional counseling in Wyckoff, New Jersey (NJ). In addition to the online nutritional counseling she also offers in home assessments in New Jersey and part of New York. Clients interested in weight loss in Wyckoff, New Jersey (NJ) can begin their path to a healthier lifestyle with nutritionist Karen Diaz's expertise. She offers several programs that analyze client's eating habits and offers recommendations that will help clients reach their specific goals. Karen Diaz in Wyckoff, New Jersey (NJ) is also certified in intuitive eating and has a specialty in eating disorders, compulsive overeating, and PCOS. Whatever the situation, nutritionist Karen Diaz in Wyckoff, New Jersey (NJ) can offer the help and support needed to live the healthiest life possible.