Alamance Regional Medical Center-Pain Center

Alamance Regional Medical Center-Pain Center
Alamance Regional Medical Center-Pain Center 1240 Huffman Mill Road Burlington, NC 27215

Alamance Regional Medical Center-Pain Center

Alamance Regional Medical Center-Pain Center is a Pain Management Specialist facility at 1240 Huffman Mill Road in Burlington, NC.
Primary Specialty

Pain Management Specialist

Services Alamance Regional Medical Center-Pain Center provides pain management in Burlington, NC. A Pain Management Specialist is a physician who has four extra years learning anesthesiology and pain medicine to help patients with pain management.

Please call Alamance Regional Medical Center-Pain Center at (336) 538-7180 to schedule an appointment in Burlington, NC or to get more information.
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I was a patient of Dr Naveira Francisco for a couple years. I really liked this Dr were he was honest, he would talk with you about anything you needed to discuss. He was a caring, respectful Doctor. I have been on pain meds for quite some time now. A doctor in Greensboro pretty much mutilated my left foot. I won a lawsuit against him, knowing I would suffer with permanent pain for the rest of my life, however they did say it would continue to get worse as the years went by. I in no way thought it would get to the point when I get home from work, I usually end up crying myself to sleep from agonizing pain. There are really no words or no number on a pain scale that could describe the pain I have to deal with on a daily basis. I had 2 Doctors, 1 which spent a lot of time and a lot of surgeries to try to repair some of the damages this Dr had caused, which he stated in the lawsuit papers (in which it is ongoing permanent damages that would continue to get worse) that by the time he tried to repair several areas of my foot were the 1st dr had mutilated! It's very hard trying to keep a dr and for him to fully understand the way this tragedy has changed my life in a way were most days I don't want to even get out of bed because of the extreme pain. And importantly to believe that I'm not just there yo receive pain meds, I just want to "try" yo live a half way normal life w/o the constant pain that is even more severe at the end of the day, especially having my meds taking away from me. I have been on 20mg of oxycodone 5 times a day for over 4 years, though it don't take all the pain away, it does allow me to live a half way normal life. Between having to work, trying to take care of my dad after losing my mother a little over 2 years now, I find myself at times wandering why and how I'm going to deal with this the rest of my life, or even if I want to. While Dr. Naveira was a good doctor, the last visit I went to see him he said my urine screen came back positive for morphine? No matter how my hard I tried to get him to believe me, he would not. I would in no way mess up the only thing that can get me through this crappy, painful life especially over something that has been prescribed in the past and in no way liked the way it made me feel, and secondly would not go into his office to pee in a cup knowing I had something in me I knew I was not suppose to take. Come to find out a couple days later I had visited my sisters house and had asked her if she had some Tylenol were I had a headache, she told me they were on the kitchen table. I took 2 out of the Extra Strength Tylenol bottle, later after she knew my dr fired me asked me did I take the Tylenol on the kitchen table and I told her yes that she told me where to find them. She then told me they were the Tylenol w/ Codeine. I pretty much lost it because she knew I was not supposed to take anything like that were I was seeing a pain management dr. To be honest, I think she did it on purpose for the simple reason she had asked for some of my pain medication on several occasions. I have been through pure he'll since then, im about to lose my job and everything else were the pain gets so bad at times and have to leave work. It's almost impossible for me to do the everyday chores and the needs for my father. It hurts my heart in the worst way I believe because of the inability to actually play with my grandbabies 6 & 11. I honestly feel like I'm being punished or like I'm on probation or something, all because a dr wanted to use my foot as a Guinea Pig! I really wished Dr
Naveira would have believed me. I guess I'll die knowing in my heart that "I DID NOT TAKE ANYTHING" but what was prescribed to me. This really sucks in all the worst ways imaginable. Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Financially all because he would not believe me. I don't know what I'm going to do...All I do know is I'm not going to continue to live this miserable the rest of my life, I'm 47....Just seems like a little more than I can handle, or want to. When it comes to the simple things in life of being able to enjoy my grandbabies, I mean seriously, what I'm I suppose to do. The pain is so overwhelming at times all I can or want to do is crawl in my bed, turn off all the lights with the covers over my head until I do like I do everyday, Cry myself to sleep.
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