Victoria Tagala, MD

Victoria Tagala, MD
Phh Medical&Rehab Clinic 3885 S Florida Ave Lakeland, FL 33813

Victoria Tagala, MD

Victoria Tagala, MD practices as a Rehabilitation Specialist in Lakeland, FL.
Primary Specialty

Rehabilitation Specialist

Services Victoria Tagala, MD is a Rehabilitation Specialist in Lakeland, FL. A Rehabilitation Specialist specializes in recovery, and provides rehabilitation, physical therapy and other types of therapy that help with regaining normal function.

Please call Phh Medical&Rehab Clinic at (863) 646-7754 to schedule an appointment in Lakeland, FL or to get more information.
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I could tell that they took pride in their office's appearance. It was very well organized and well taken care of. The waiting room here is spacious. I never feel like I have to sit too close to someone or that it is overcrowded. I spend a little too much time in the waiting room. I've waited longer at other offices, but I was hoping to be seen sooner. One of my pet peeves is bad breath, and one thing that I have always noticed about this provider is that they never have bad breath. I've never even noticed a smell at all. I don't know of anywhere else that would've taken better care of me. I had a great experience.
Lets see where do I start?

Patient Care -What patient care???? Victoria Tagala can care less what kind of pain you are going through. She herself is the kind of dctor that you get in America as a last resort to hope. As far as pain management and rehabilitation. She is the type to break a bone and just take and asprin and tell "you to do the same" Please what ever you do, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT waste your hard earned money on this idiot of a doctor!

Listening to the patient is not and option!!! You waste your time bringing medical records and going over very specific details any 2 yr old would understand and she is completely clueless!! What you get after you clearly speak English,is Taiwanese in return. In fact most of the time, if you received a script you had no clear view on why she prescribed the medicine from the get go. Don't be fooled by the machinery in the back that is for "Physical Therapy" They are not for you and your treatment. They are for looks. She is by far the worst doctor that has ever practiced medicine that I have come in contact with. I have seen more than the average do to being a disabled veteran of the united states. I thought there was hope outside the realm of the VA Walter Reed scandalous experience even at the local level! too bad I wasted my time with Victoria Tagala. She is too busy cussing and yelling at you and her staff to give a damn about serving the patient. Last out of the 3-4 visits ended with her cussing me out with a migraine and extreme pain in back and neck pain. I stated "I have been trying to have anyone even the janitor,return my calls about meds" and she states "why didn't you go to the ER? and take Tylenol? Now mind you even the VA prescibes morphine for pain in my condition. Witch doctor medicine isn't my thing. I believe in science for the greater man kind. I am in shock doctors like this are able to still practice medicine in the USA.

Office Staff-- 3 in total Debbie,Kathy, and some other Taiwanese islander who has to translate everything you say back to DR. Tagala . "Lost in Translation" is all this office is about. Forget about getting your scripts on time as well. No one has a clue on what to do when this happens. Some have gone as far as forgery on the presciption pad for the doctor because she is out of the office. That would be great if that receptionist knew to refill the 120 count of pills instead its 30 pills to last you 5 days ,when the doctor is out for another 3 weeks. This will seem to happen more than average if you choose this doctor as you last resort @ best. I was yelled at in front of other patients in her native tongue, in the waiting room . It was so obvious why the one or two patients got up and left. Clearly she was an unstable doctor about to see other patients. DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE PUT IN THESE KINDS OF CONDITIONS!!! When you are paying for treatment you rightfully deserve,go somewhere else.

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