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I started seeing Dr. Nelson at Abundant Life Wellness over two years ago. I immediately signed up for a membership for a monthly massage and footbath. I have found both immensely helpful to my overall heath, especially the footbath. I am in my late 30's and have struggled with knee pain since my early 20's after I had to have the ACL in my right knee replaced. As early as my very first footbath I began to notice a difference in my knees. The stiffness and aches have been reduced a great deal. I was also working a part-time retail job at the time where I had to stand for several hours and my feet always ached. After I started getting my footbaths, I noticed my feet no longer hurt. After a footbath detox, I feel lighter, healthier and much more relaxed. I also get a massage once a month which helps a great deal with the neck and back pain that are caused from sitting at a computer all day. Overall, I have noticed an improvement in all my aliments since I began coming to Abundant Life Wellness and I would encourage anyone who is thinking about seeing Dr. Nelson to definitely give it a try. It is a very calming and relaxing place and the staff are friendly and inviting.
Dr Nelson is wonderful and really cares for her patients. She tries to do everything possible to help her patients. Since going to Dr Nelson I feel better.

My Chronic Extreme Pain is 95% Gone!

In 2012, I was diagnosed with arthritis and fibromyalgia. I was put on several different medications. I did not want to be one all of these medications. I really wanted to know what was wrong with me, not be put on toxic medications. I felt like I was too young not to have any answers as to why I was in all of this pain. I literally did not want to walk up my steps to my bedroom, as the pain was so bad. It was very difficult for me to continue to work, but I need to support my family.

In 2013 and 2014, the pain just got worse and worse, so I was just given more medication to try to treat the pain. The medical doctors even put me on anti-seizure meds, but that still did not work. I honestly was getting very discouraged and feeling hopeless. Most of the pain was in my knees, shoulders and hip.

After all of this, the medical doctors recommended me to go to the pain clinic. In the meanwhile, I had a friend tell me about Dr. Valerie Nelson and suggested that I give naturopathic medicine a chance. So, I set up my appointment.

One of the health questions was “do you want Dr. Nelson to pray for you during the appointment?” Of course, I said ‘yes’ because I wanted every chance I could get to feel better.

Dr. Nelson encouraged me that she had been successful utilizing vitamins, mineral and homeopathy therapies and that within 6 weeks we would know if the program was going to work for me. She told me that there would be a number of natural medicines that we would need to try & that I needed to follow the program exactly & we would know soon enough. I had to admit that this was not like other doctors appointments, but again, I was so tired of living daily in chronic pain that I was willing to give it a try. I was very happy that my HSA account would cover the expenses.

Within 2 weeks, my pain had reduced by 25% -- within one month, the pain was reduced by 50% -- by 2 months, the pain reduced by 75% and by the 3rd month, the pain was reduced by 95%.

When I returned for my follow up at the medical doctor’s office, the office staff said “Wow, I can see that going to the pain clinic really helped you out!” I excitedly told them “Nope! The Naturopathic Doctor is who got me better! My medical doctor was so impressed and he saw Dr. Nelson’s husband at a gathering and actually sought him out saying “hey, your wife really helped one of my patients! He then proceeded to ask for some of her business cards because he could see how much I had been helped!

This has been such a life changing experience for me that I tell anyone who is willing to listen!

John Barrett
Pittsburgh, PA

I’m twenty years old, and spent most of those twenty years mysteriously unable to eat nearly any food without becoming terribly sick. My parents brought me to a lot of different mainstream doctors, who just prescribed medication, which didn’t work.

We had only just moved to the Pittsburgh area when my dad found Dr. Nelson on an Internet search for local naturopaths. I was horribly sick and about to start college, so I decided to investigate further.

Dr. Valerie Nelson is an extremely knowledgeable doctor and herbalist, who can figure out what’s ailing you within only a couple minutes of meeting you, and can also explain it to you in concise everyman’s language. Her faith is also an important part of her practice. I’m a Christian too, so this element (I asked her to pray with me on my first appointment!) was a huge comfort to me.

She ran a test, which concluded I was allergic to practically everything edible—dairy, gluten, wheat, rye, sugar, peanuts, corn…An MD would probably have told me to just avoid these foods for the rest of my life, but she gave me a specially-formulated antidote for those specific allergies that would eventually render me non-allergic. I hadn’t even known that was possible…

Dr. Nelson’s supplements started helping right away. Not only did my food allergies eventually disappear, but other supplements of hers started to help balance my hormones and mood.

I can’t tell you how much these supplements have improved my quality of life. I can go to restaurants with my family now and eat pretty much anything without getting sick to my stomach and having to leave. For the first time in my life, I can enjoy eating as a social experience.
I haven’t even mentioned the footbaths. They pull so many toxins out of you and leave you feeling incredibly light and clean.

I am forever grateful to Dr. N, and would recommend her practice highly to anyone experiencing problems like mine. Your life will change. Mine did.

Venetia, PA
Very caring & compassionate -listens to your concerns & try wants to help.
I am doing the HAPPY DANCE, like no one is watching! I cannot remember the last time I felt this good. I praise God for opening the door to Dr. Nelson; she is my partner on the journey to great health.

I have suffered for a long time from a pain in my gut. I have seen general doctors, GI doctors, GYN doctors; I went through the gamut of testing, had a hysterectomy, my gall bladder removed, and I have spent time in the emergency room and hospital with pain. I have also been on many different medications. I feel I lost this summer due to the pain.

I prayed that God would guide me in the right direction to take away this pain and He did. I found Dr. Nelson’s web site and I loved that she said on the front page “We call it God’s Health Care Plan because He has given us the things we need to be healthy.”

During the Full Evaluation appointment, Dr. Nelson took time to pray for me during our session, she asked questions, took notes, listened to me and did not rush through the appointment. Upon her recommendation I took the allergy test, I started taking an ionic detox foot bath once a week, a message once a month and supplements. I also keep a food diary, including the food I eat and how I feel, which has been a big help in finding out other trigger foods.

I am healthier because of her expertise and guidance, and Dr. Nelson gives all the glory to God.

I highly recommend Dr. Nelson and her staff at Abundant Life Wellness, you will be cared for the minute you walk through the door.

Science is great, and I have used the Medical profession throughout my life, but now that I have experienced Naturopathic care it will be part of my future health program.
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I became ill back in Dec. after a very simple, (so I was told) surgery. Knee scope…. I was told a week to 10 days recovery. Around 2 weeks later my upper body started to decline -- my arms and hands became very weak. I told my knee surgeon and he told me that my knees don’t have any thing to do with my arms. But I said I wasn’t like this before the surgery. He sent me to physical therapy, after going to that for a couple of weeks the physical therapist said he didn’t know what was wrong as I wasn’t making progress. Back to my PC and he noticed that I was losing weight 25 pounds in one month. He sent me to get a colonoscopy which came back good. Then he sent me to a blood doctor which he did many of tests, which all came back good. He was grasping at straws and when he mentioned for me to get a bone marrow I was shocked -- I had Knee scope I didn’t need bone marrow. I told my daughter who had to drive me to all these Dr.’s because I was unable to put my arms up to hold the steering wheel to take me to the nearest bar -- I need a long island ice tea!! Let me tell you , during this time not only did I lose weight, I was losing my faith and questioning -- why me??! I had to quit my job because of the pain (I am only in my fifties and should not be feeling this way! – like I am ninety!) I could not clean my house, even wring out a washcloth or pull my hair in a ponytail!!! Then one night at my daughter’s church, South Hills Bible Chapel, they had an event called “Funky Friday” - an outing for women. Both my daughters were going and asked me to go. I haven’t been social in over a month. I went and met Dr. Valerie- She did a demo on her detox foot bath. I was amazed! I listened to her speak about the parasites and toxic overload and how they can affect your body. It was so interesting. She also spoke about God and how He designed our bodies. Afterwards I approached her and asked if she could help me. She said she would like to see me. So I emailed her for an appointment. After I saw the stuff in my foot bath I was shocked, then she examined my glands and helped me get on track with nutrients -–such as the herbal medicines. Amazing-- I started to feel and look better. Dr. Valerie, she’s not only helped me to feel physically better, she also prayed over me and helped to restore my faith in God. I continue to go to get my foot baths and I learn something new each time. Sometimes its little simple things like where to store your pills to keep them fresh. After seeing Dr. Valerie, I can now go back to work, clean my own house and am feeling much better. To this day the medical doctors still don’t know what happen to me. But Dr. Valerie knew I needed to clean my body and mind. I thank God for her and I thank God for my daughters & husband. Thank you for what you did, what you said, and who you are. PS -- I am back to riding motorcycles with my husband. It has now been over 2 years and my health is still very good.
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