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well worth the investment! After my children took the assessment before entering college, I took it. I had been out of the workforce for 18 years. I was interested to see the results of the process of fitting my personality with a career in which I could be successful and thrive.
Excellent job in getting people headed in the right direction in their life. Several friends have also been to Fadely & Debrota Associates for their children as well as themselves. Always with very positive results.
Our daughter took the test about 6 years ago in Michigan. This was shortly before high school graduation. We had a conference call after the firm complied the results along with a followup disc of the discussion. Highly recommended Speech Pathology (not something she had considered) and to do some job shadowing during that summer. She enjoyed the shadowing and went right into undergraduate taking the prerequisites for the major. Just completed her masters and has had 3 job offers within 2 weeks.
Did this counselor answer all of your questions?
Some were answered
Was the advice this counselor provided helpful?
Absolutely! I received the most helpful advice I ever have!
Did this counselor show genuine concern for your situation?
Definitely! They were extremely kind and compassionate
Did the waiting room furniture appear to be clean?
Would you recommend this provider to someone who asks for a referral?
Did you feel that the counselor's advice was unbiased?
Absolutely, they've really help me come to terms with where my problems lie
Would you recommend this counselor to others?
I Already Have
Did this counselor provide a comfortable chair for you during your session?
Extremely comfortable; I didn't want to get up!
Was this provider thorough in discussing the risks and benefits of your treatment options?
Wonderful information for my daughters search for a college!
Did you feel that this counselor was understanding?
Did you feel like this counselor genuinely listented to your perspective?
Yes, they listened to everything I had to say
Would you recommend this career counselor to others?
I Already Have
Did this provider take time with you at your appointment?
Did you leave the office feeling satisfied with your visit?
Did you feel that this counselor was understanding?
Were the waiting rooms private?
Absolutely, they had a private waiting area and a separate exit.
Did this counselor have an open, accepting attitude towards you?
Does this provider remember you by name?
Does this provider offer flexible appointment times?
Career counseling for teens was not a great experience for the money. Call the number, go through the phone tree and select that you want to be mailed the tests, give my credit card info to a machine over the phone, get charged $250, and they send a packet of tests. When the tests have been completed, call to make an appointment. And all went according to the process I was told.

1. I called in early January, 2012, and took the first available appointment—in late March. Unfortunately when I realized that I had a conflict, I called in late February to reschedule—for late May. Don't try to get this done in a hurry. 2. The 1/2 hour appointment is entirely based on the test results. (There is no allowing for the student who didn't know what many of the careers entailed when answering questions as to whether he/she would be satisfied working as X. For many high school seniors, their knowledge of professions is not much more developed than what they have regular contact with in life or on TV: teachers, police officers, politicians, firefighters, lawyers, doctors, nurses, and what their parents do. They have a vague idea if anything of what a microbiologist does, or an electrical engineer, or a court reporter. Much less a skills manager, a sommelier, or a neighborhood planner.) The appointment consists of the counselor reading off your results, essentially phrased as "your answers were not like those of people who are in the following professions," and then telling you what you shouldn't be. There was no discussion with the teen, no checking to see if there were any questions, or if any answers had changed since first completing the tests nearly 5 months prior.

The counselor ended the appointment by telling my teen to go to the college she'd selected (which he made a snarky remark about), pick a general major that could provide learning in many different areas (with the goal of getting a qualified major adviser early on), and after 2 years of general studies, select a major that appealed. As if I couldn't have given that information to the senior.
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