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Pine Creek Dental Care
Pine Creek Dental Care 6606 Fm 1488 Road Suite 136 Magnolia, TX 77354
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One thing I noticed about their office was how absolutely fantastic it smelled. . this business is really conveniently located and is close to where I live and do buisness and the plus side I do not have to travel to Houston. I'm very confident that my dental health is their top priority, and I know they would never recommend any sort of dental procedure that I didn't need. I trust them completely. Their office is cleaned regularly. It was fantastic. It's always bugged me when other dentists' I've visited didn't take the time to really examine my teeth. All they wanted was to get you in and out. I didn't encounter that here at all, they made an extra effort to inspect my teeth very thoroughly. They are by far the best Dental group I have ever been to. I was always hesitant to go to the dentist prior to finding Dr Sara and her group(you might say a chicken). They are all wonderful to work with. I would recomend any one hesitant to visiting the dentist to go here. Again I can not say enough good about them. Thank you for all you have done for me.
by Robert Hunt XXX.XXX.127.66
I went to the dentist for my scheduled oral surgery that had been confirmed by the office. Upon being called back, I am told that Dr. Kaiser no longer works there, and that I would be seeing a new dentist, and that the surgery had been cancelled. I was quite upset since no phone call had been made to me to explain this, and it was a waste of my time. I had scheduled this for a reason since I had the week off. The new dentist, while nice, had just started working the day before fresh from finishing her residency. Her license is brand new. Her reason for not being able to do the surgery was due to the fact she needed training from the company supplying the implant screws. Needless to say, I am cancleing my surgery, asking for my records, and finding an experienced dentist. This is a shame because I really trusted the work of Dr. Kaiser. Now I have to start over.
by Anonymous XXX.XXX.187.158
The crown broke when fitting it, so had to wear the temporary longer than normal. Charges were in excess of original estimate, but was told that the billing was done elsewhere and they could not help. The overall cost was WAY more than other dentists! There were even extra charges for the cleaning which is normally no additional cost at other dentist offices. I will not return.
by patient XXX.XXX.80.196
THIEFS!!! I sent my daughter by herself because she was old enough to drive and when she came home she had a $1500 invoice for work that they said she had like 21 cavities. LIARS I took her to another dentist and did not mention what pine creek dental had stated and she had NO cavities. They were willing to drill into her teeth and destroy them to steal money from me. On my cleaning which should have been free thru insurance they kept trying to charge me 80 extra dollars on some kind of deep cleaning program that i did not receive. Then they wanted me to pay for an xray from my husbands bill. So they were trying to steal money. they botched a root canal and the tooth was to damaged to keep a cap on it. so now that we have changed dentists our new guy is honest. i had to have a few cavities refilled that pine creek dental did because they didnt drill far enough into the tooth to reach the cavity. so on the xray you could see the filling with a dark spot behind it. so once again paying double for their mistakes. pine creek dental is a corporation owned out of state, so these are just pass thru dentist trying to steal from customers. BE AWARE and dont trust what they say
by go bulldogs XXX.XXX.132.167
I have been here several times over the last three years. In one instance I had had a crown come loose and needed immediate care. They were the only ones in town able to squeeze me in. My only complaint about this provider is they seem to be really aggressive in terms of wanting to perform major work such as crowns, bridges, etc. I unfortunately have not treated my teeth well in childhood and as a result have spent many hours in various dentists chairs. I can say that they do a great job in terms of performing the work with little pain and were up front with all pricing (I was uninsured with my previous visit). My wife had an issue here once where they ran a test which turned out to cost extra. This was immediately taken off the bill when questioned. All I can say is to ask questions regarding treatment and if in doubt get a second opinion.
by rich XXX.XXX.136.197
I would not go to this office ever again. The dentist told me I had many cavities and that it would cost me over $1200 to fill them. I went to see a trusted family friend for a second opinion and I only have 2 cavities and the cost will be less than half of what I was originally quoted. They try to use scare tactics to come up with outrageous procedures and bills. Do not go here!
by mlctby XXX.XXX.255.139
We tried Invisalign from this dentist and would not recommend their services to my worst enemy. The front office staff never returns phone calls, the office manager doesn't either. We made an appointment to sit down with the orthodontist to discuss the problems we have with their place of business and of course when we got there the appointment was not on their schedule book. We have requested a refund from the clinic, told it would take 2 weeks to receive a check and it has now been 3 weeks and we can't get anyone to answer our questions or return a phone call. We were also told that several cavities needed to be refilled, but a second opinion states that is not true. They were also going to bill us $650 over what our insurance states should be charged. I work in the medical field and I can tell you right now this is not how you treat patients. They will not be in business much longer. TRUST ME, TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE!!!!!!!!
by jr34391
My wife visited this dentist who told her she needed major expensive dental work. She went to get a second opinion and was told none of the work he recommended was necessary. My wife also asked them specifically not to perform any work not covered by our insurance; they did anyway, and threatened to send us to collections if we did not pay. I would not trust this dentist to brush my teeth.
by jdb1982
Was the Dental Care provider able to take and develop x-rays in their office?
Will this Dental Care provider try to get you an appointment ASAP if you have an emergency?
Did this dentist explain your dental procedure to you?
Was this provider thorough in discussing the risks and benefits of your treatment options?
Do you feel confident that this provider will work with you until a solution is reached?
by Anonymous XXX.XXX.218.25
Was the Dental Care provider able to take and develop x-rays in their office?
by Anonymous XXX.XXX.2.207