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Health Club Roanoke, IN


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Health Club Roanoke, IN

Find a health club in Roanoke, IN to help you get fit.

Results for Roanoke, IN

  • Curves

    578 Geiger Dr
    Roanoke, IN 46783
  • Curves

    495 Bowen Park Avenue
    Huntington, IN 46750
  • Health Club Management

    2806 Theater Ave
    Huntington, IN 46750
  • Elzey Storage Units

    850 S Briant St
    Huntington, IN 46750
  • Curves For Women

    495 Bowen Park Ave
    Huntington, IN 46750
  • Chestnut Hills Golf Club

    Maintenance Bldg
    Arcola, IN 46704
  • Lady's Fit Express

    7145 N State Road 1
    Ossian, IN 46777
  • Symbionics

    1641 East Wildwood Drive
    Columbia City, IN 46725
  • Curves For Women

    788 West Connexion Way
    Columbia City, IN 46725
  • Linvill Fitness Center

    215 E Van Buren St
    Columbia City, IN 46725
  • YMCA - Whitley Country YMCA

    950 East Van Buren Street
    Columbia City, IN 46725
  • Golds Gym - Fort Wayne

    6145 W. Jefferson Blvd.
    Fort Wayne, IN 46804
  • Curves for Women

    6714 East State Boulevard
    Fort Wayne, IN 46815
  • Curves

    3227 Saint Joe Center Road
    Fort Wayne, IN 46835
  • Curves for Women

    2614 West State Boulevard
    Fort Wayne, IN 46808
  • Contours Express

    5962 Stellhorn Rd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46815
  • St Joe Little League

    6240 Saint Joe Center Rd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46835
  • Summit City Fitness

    5928 Trier Rd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46815
  • Georgetown Little League

    3732 Maplecrest Rd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46815
  • Fitness Club the

    3233 Saint Joe Center Rd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46835
  • New Haven Tanning 2

    3241 Saint Joe Center Rd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46835
  • Fort Wayne School of Dance

    3416 N Anthony Blvd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46805
  • Summit Weight Control

    907 Andros Ln
    Fort Wayne, IN 46815
  • Absolute Results Personal Fitness Training

    5005 Riviera Ct Ste B
    Fort Wayne, IN 46825
  • Komets

    1010 Memorial Way Ste 100
    Fort Wayne, IN 46805
  • Go Figure Fitness

    1732 Greythorn Dr
    Fort Wayne, IN 46815
  • Bodygenics

    4628 Coldwater Rd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46825
  • La Weight Loss Centers

    5525 Coldwater Rd Ste D
    Fort Wayne, IN 46825
  • Pearle Vision

    4201 Coldwater Rd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46805
  • Three Rivers Youth Soccer

    218 E Collins Rd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46825
  • Jenny Craig Personal Weight Management

    4122 Lima Rd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46805
  • Wall James E

    444 W Coliseum Blvd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46805
  • St Joe Athletic Club

    817 Anderson Ave
    Fort Wayne, IN 46805
  • Fitness by Koehlinger

    2900 E Dupont Rd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46825
  • Spiece Lifestyle Medical Center

    5310 Merchandise Dr
    Fort Wayne, IN 46825
  • Jennings Recreation Center

    1330 McCulloch St
    Fort Wayne, IN 46803
  • South Reception Hall-YWCA

    2000 N Wells St # 3
    Fort Wayne, IN 46808
  • YWCA

    2000 N Wells St # 3
    Fort Wayne, IN 46808
  • Chris Teeple-Muscle Specialist

    711 Airport N Ofc
    Fort Wayne, IN 46825
  • Bushido Sports Center

    6125 Cross Creek Blvd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46818
  • Work Out Room Inc Yoga Studio

    1301 Lafayette St
    Fort Wayne, IN 46802
  • YMCA

    10001 Dawsons Creek Blvd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46825
  • Lake Pointe Swim & Health Club

    904 Mill Lake Rd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46845
  • Associate M T's Kneaded Therapy

    231 Airport N Ofc
    Fort Wayne, IN 46825
  • Medical Nutritional Therapists

    310 E Dupont Rd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46825
  • Holb Gunckel & Associates

    310 E Dupont Rd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46825
  • P & M Recreation

    2020 Hanna St
    Fort Wayne, IN 46803
  • Taylor Wellness & Pilates

    315 E Wallace St
    Fort Wayne, IN 46803
  • A W New Hapkido Academy Inc

    8305 Lima Rd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46818
  • Fort Wayne Jazzercise

    9173 Lima Rd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46818

Health Club Info

Health Club Summary:
A health club is a fitness center designed to improve fitness levels, typically through physical exercise. Health clubs have evolved from the traditional gym to include more than just free weights in order to offer more services to their clientele. While most health clubs require an annual membership fee, some additional services may cost extra, either in an additional monthly rate or often at time of service. Additional options and resources might include swimming pools, ball courts, boxing, yoga, massage, and various group classes.

Health clubs may have a few or many offered services. These include weights and workout machines that involve isometric, isotonic, and isokinetic muscle training, various group exercise classes such as aerobics, pilates, or dance, and personal trainers. Additional services may also be available.

Conditions Treated:

A health club can help reduce and prevent obesity and help people with weight loss. Services provided by a fitness facility may increase strength, endurance, and muscle mass. By working out with weight bearing equipment, individuals may also increase bone mass, which may help reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.

Health Club Specialties:

Health clubs may focus on one type of activity, such as free weights or a specific type of exercise. For example, it is not rare to find a yoga studio that focuses on the health aspects and instruction of various types of yoga.

Health Club Services:

Most health clubs offer the services of a personal trainer at an additional cost. A personal trainer can help give individualized attention, motivation, and advice on each individual's specific needs to reach the desired goals. Other services may include swimming pools, sports facilities, snack bars or cafeterias, sauna, wellness areas, massage, nutritionists, and spa type services, all of which may involve an extra cost to the client.

Health Club Details:

Most of the employees will have some type of education, training, or certification for their specific job title. A personal trainer may have taken a training program of a college degree program prior to passing the certification examination. Dietitians or nutritionists typically have a bachelor degree, with some states requiring licensing as well. Other employee duties may have education and training requirements as well.

Health Club Associations:

Associations are voluntary and usually require an annual membership fee. Assocations such as IHRSA - International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association and MIHCA - National Independent Health Club Association.

Health Club FAQs:

What are the benefits of joining a health club?
Clients get access to exercise classes and equipment, as well as personal attention and instruction. In addition, clients may get motivation and companionship by working out at a health club.

Aren't health clubs expensive?
They can be. However, there are more affordable options among various clubs. To reduce your costs, explore the different clubs, initiation fees, and annual cost. Avoid extras you do not need and take advantage of offered promotions.

What sort of classes are available at a health club?
It depends on the gym. Some common classes are pilates, yoga, spin, cycling, thai bo kick boxing, aerobics, senior classes, boot camp classes, cycling, everlast shadow box, mind/body classes, senior classes, strength training, and water classes like swimming and water polo.

What types of health clubs are in the directory?
Use's local directory to find a gym, fitness studio, exercise center, fitness center, yoga studio, kick boxing, aquatic exercise, swimming, sauna, pool, weights, free weights, health club, hot tub, work out, or fitness trainer in your city.

How do I find a Health Club in my city and state?
The directory will help you locate a Health Club in your state. Select Health Club from the Professionals menu and select the state and city in which you are looking to locate a Health Club.

Health Club Related Terms:
Gym, fitness club, health center, fitness studio, exercise center, exercise, fitness center, yoga, kick boxing, aquatic exercise, swimming, sauna, pool, weights, free weights, health club, hot tub, work out, trainer, fitness trainer