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Gastroenterologist Sugar Land, TX



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Gastroenterologist Sugar Land, TX

Find a gastroenterologist in Sugar Land, TX to treat the digestive tract and related diseases.

Results for Sugar Land, TX

  • Leka Gajula, MD

    Colon Liver Gastro Consultants
    16651 Southwest Fwy #370
    Sugar Land, TX 77479
  • Nasrullah Manji, MD

    15200 Southwest Fwy Ste 385
    Sugar Land, TX 77478
  • Keith Fiman, MD

    Gastroenterology Consultants
    1111 Highway 6 Suite 105
    Sugar Land, TX 77478
  • Stanley Stein, MD

    Ft Bend Gastroenterology Assoc
    17510 West Grand Parkway South
    Sugar Land, TX 77479
  • Kumara Peddamatham, MD

    1601 Main St Ste 106
    Richmond, TX 77469
  • David Nemoto, Physician

    David T. Nemoto, M.D., P.A.
    21338 Provincial Blvd
    Katy, TX 77450
  • Anuradha Kantamani, MD

    701 S Fry Rd
    Katy, TX 77450
  • Douglas Fernandez, MD

    Memorial Katy Gastro Cnslts
    1331 West Grand Parkway North Suite 350
    Katy, TX 77493
  • Dang Nguyen, MD

    Digestive Associates of Houston
    6620 Main St. Suite 1510
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Pedro Arguello, MD

    Digestive Disease Consultants
    902 Frostwood Dr Ste 186
    Houston, TX 77024
  • Atilla Ertan, MD

    Baylor Gastroenterology Assoc
    6400 Fannin Suite 1400
    Houston, TX 77030
  • John Hughes

    2727 W Holcombe Blvd
    Houston, TX 77025
  • Robert Arkus

    7500 Beechnut St Ste 2100
    Houston, TX 77074
  • W Arnold, MD

    Diagnostic Clinic Of Houston
    6624 Fannin St Ste 2220
    Houston, TX 77030
  • G Gopalakrishna, MD

    2201 Holcombe Blvd, #330
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Craig Gordon, MD

    Houston Gastroenterology Assoc
    800 Gessner Rd Ste 220
    Houston, TX 77024
  • Nikhil Inamdar, MD

    1250 Bay Area Blvd Ste C
    Houston, TX 77058
  • Satya Jayanty, MD

    909 Frostwood Dr Ste 302
    Houston, TX 77024
  • Craig Jensen, MD

    Gastroenterology & Nutrition
    6621 Fannin St, Mc3-3391
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Saul Karpen, MD

    Gastroenterology & Nutrition
    1 Baylor Plz, Ped Gi/Nutrition
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Madhukar Kaw, MD

    Md Anderson Cancer Ctr
    6431 Fannin St, Univ Tx Dept Gastro
    Houston, TX 77030
  • William Klish, MD

    Baylor Pediatric Consultants
    6621 Fannin St Rm 3-3391
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Thang Lang, MD

    Baylor College Of Medicine
    1 Baylor Plz Ste 5250
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Thang Le, MD

    Baylor College Of Medicine
    6535 Fannin St
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Gene Lesage, MD

    6431 Fannin St
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Bernard Levin, MD

    Cancer Prevention
    1515 Holcombe Blvd, Box 203
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Spencer Li, MD

    909 Frostwood Dr Ste 363
    Houston, TX 77024
  • Patrick Lynch, MD

    1515 Holcombe Blvd # 78
    Houston, TX 77030
  • John Mc Kechnie, MD

    6560 Fannin St Ste 1630
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Kathleen Motil, MD

    Childrens Nutrition Research
    6621 Fannin St
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Harry Ojeas, MD

    Gastroenterology Consultants
    444 Fm 1959 Rd
    Houston, TX 77034
  • Harsadbhai Patel, MD

    Patel Reddy & Kaila
    150 W Parker Rd Ste 402
    Houston, TX 77076
  • Ruben Quiros, MD

    6621 Fannin St # McC1010, Texas Childrens Hosp
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Ahmad Rajab Pacha, MD

    17030 Nanes Dr Ste 207
    Houston, TX 77090
  • Rafael Sanchez, MD

    11914 Astoria Blvd Ste 270
    Houston, TX 77089
  • Arthur Schmulen, MD

    6560 Fannin St Ste 1625
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Jim Schwartz, MD

    6550 Fannin St Ste 1122
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Larry Scott, MD

    6431 Fannin St, Univ Texas Med Schl
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Joseph Sellin, MD

    6414 Fannin St
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Dean Solcher, MD

    Diagnostic Clinic Of Houston
    6448 Fannin St
    Houston, TX 77030
  • James Stanton, MD

    7737 Southwest Fwy Ste 915
    Houston, TX 77074
  • Thomas Steinbach, MD

    902 Frostwood Dr Ste 243
    Houston, TX 77024
  • Ravishanker Subramani, MD

    Bay Area Gastroenterology
    1250 Bay Area Blvd Ste C
    Houston, TX 77058
  • Kalyanam Subramanyam, MD

    17300 El Camino Real Ste 102A
    Houston, TX 77058
  • Fred Sutton, MD

    1 Baylor Plz, Baylor Clg Med
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Jose Urrutia Martinez, MD

    Urrutia Kaplan & Assoc
    6624 Fannin St Ste 2280
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Bryan Vartabedian, MD

    Children's Gastroenterology
    7580 Fannin St Ste 225
    Houston, TX 77054
  • Sanjeev Wasan, MD

    University Of Texas Medical Ce
    6431 Fannin St Ste 1150
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Dennis M Bier, MD

    1100 BATES AVE STE 51000
    HOUSTON, TX 77030
  • Dennis M Bier, MD

    6701 FANNIN
    HOUSTON, TX 77030

Gastroenterologist Info

Gastroenterologist Summary:
A Gastroenterologist is a physician of internal medicine who specializes in diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases of the digestive system. A gastroenterologist is concerned with the normal function of the digestive system; making sure that it is working properly to dispose of bodily waste. Gastroenterologists are trained in performing tests (biopsies, x-rays) and interpreting the results.

Gastroenterologist FAQs:
What is a


A Gastroenterologist is a doctor that specializes in diseases of the digestive tract.

What does a Gastroenterologist treat?
A Gastroenterologist treats conditions of the digestive tract, including cancer, hemorrhoids, hepatitis, polyps and ulcers.

When should I seek help from a Gastroenterologist?
If you have any of these symptoms you should see a Gastroenterologist: Abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea or vomiting.

What procedures does a Gastroenterologist perform?
A Gastroenterologist can perform colon screenings, intestinal dilation and polypectomies.

Where does a Gastroenterologist work?
A Gastroenterologist can work in a clinic, hospital or private practice.

What are an endoscopy and a colonoscopy?
Both of these procedures involve inserting a flexible tube with a light and camera on the end into the body. It is used to see if there is any evidence of disease or damage in the digestive tract. Endoscopy involves inserting the tube into the mouth and down the esophagus. A colonoscopy involves inserting the tube into the anus to examine the intestines. In many cased, a biopsy is taken and tests are performed on the removed tissue.

What are common ailments of the digestive system?
Some of the most common ailments include Crohn's disease, gastric ulcer, hemorrhoids, polyps, cancer, colitis, gallstones, heartburn and intestinal obstructions.

What are some symptoms of colon and rectal cancer?
Some of the most alarming symptoms are blood in the stools, unexplained abdominal pain, anemia and unexplained weight loss.

How do I find a Gastroenterologist in my city and state?
The directory will help you locate a Gastroenterologist in your state. Select Gastroenterologist from the professionals menu and select the state that you are looking to locate a Gastroenterologist in. After you have located your state, find the city that you will need a Gastroenterologist in. Select the state and city and you will see a list of Gastroenterologists in your city and state.

Gastroenterologist Related Terms:
gastroenterology, digestion, digestive tract, intestine, polyp, cancer, colon, polypectomies, diarrhea, constipation, gastroenterologist