MON HEALTH CARE INC is a Medical Supplies facility at 1159 VAN VOORHIS RD in MORGANTOWN, WV.
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Services MON HEALTH CARE INC is a medical supply company in MORGANTOWN, WV. Call MON HEALTH CARE INC at (304) 285-2700 for a detailed description of the medical equipment offered.

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I have new. Battling with this company since after the birth of my son in Dec 2016. I had a script for a breast pump and insurance. The insurance I i carried they are contracted with to bill. However the day I came to them on Friday Dec. 6 2016 they refused to bill my insurance or allow my insurance to cover for a Breast pump I needed to assist with me breast feeding my son. Thankfully my son's fathers mother's purchased the breast pump for me that day and told me to just take care of it with them and my insurance later.mind you it was a Friday businesses would be closed for that weekend, and I wasn't released that day from the hospital till afternoon close to evening when things would be closing soon. Therefore was limited on time to address it that day or following.Since then both myself and my insurance has battled with them in regards to this matter. It took some time due to many blown off calls and messages. And several disputes in regards to weather or not they could refuse to bill my insurance as they did and said they could .My insurance company even brought up the fact they were legally bond and obligated to bill them and except it due to a contract they had with each other. It's taken myself and my insurance company over half a year to somewhat resolve the matter where they finally agreed to bill my insurance to get payment from them and afterwards giving me a refund. However since then and me even having to cime back in sign papers for them to do so. They tried to again get out of refunding me by billing for the date they had me come in a sign for and not the actual date of purchase which my insurance denied it cause it was 5 months after the birth of my child and explained why they denied it and what they did wrong and needed to do in order for them to process it and except it. So again time has passed. Finally things have been done. Yet I still haven't received a refund. They told me they can't can refund me money they would need to refund it the way it was paid which was by my sons grandmother's card. Which was and is fine . They said she would need to either call them and confirm the card she used that day and so on or cime in and bring it either way was fine. So my son's grandmother had called them on several occasions and left messages with both her information and card information and contact info to get back with her. It's been over a month now and still no contact not refund has been put on her card. I left them a voice mail yesterday from myself since they are close and explained the situation and have my contact info name and all information to them as well as recorded the message I left. Given the length of time hassle and ordeal we have went through by this company and their practices thankfully I've kept a log of all calls I've made and notes as well as some calls and messages I've recorded as well as my insurance company has to. I've let mom health know if this continues to be blown off ignored and not resolved ,then I'm filing a complaint with the better buisness burro . It's ridiculous the time it's taken as well as the hassle given they are contracted to except and bill my insurance company for things. It also makes me wonder how many other have struggled with tgis company or been forced to pay outta pocket because they were told they couldn't or wouldn't Bill their insurance and or they didn't except their insurance when indeed they do and are contracted to do so. It's sad for those who financially struggle or cant afford something and rightfully with their insurance can get but ar ent able to because of this companies choosing to do this to their customers and people. My insurance is WV Health plan..Please to all others be aware. If you go here and are told they don't except your insurance or won't contact your insurance company to check woth them to verify if mom health does or don't really and if they state they do ask if they are contracted to do so. If you recieve WV health plan and have been told they don't except it they lied. They are contracted with the health plan to bill them to see if whatever is eligible through your insurance to possibly be covered.. Also please if anyone else has had these same issues or problems with this company or had to pay outta pocket cause you were told they didn't except your insurance but they are supposed to and didn't realize they can't do this contact me via email @ at this point and the way things have been handled and done from the beginning on and still can't just resolve it has upset me so much to the point of thinking if I just let this go how many others will this continue to happen to or has because they didn't do anything or know they could. So with those thoughts and the outrageous hassle I've went through with them and length of time taken to still not have the refund at this time and date. And having everything from day one. My script I was given, my receipt I was given that day with the ladys name whom I dealt with. All calls kept log of with dates and time and notes of the calls and messages some even recorded, to the list of names of each and everyone I've spoke to and death with there. Copies of my papers I went in and signed for them to later bill which they messed up, along with some other things well as my insurance companys notes dates and times of dealing with them and everything that's been said,done and how things have been to verify and prove the outrageous misconduct of this company and the unjust and down right not right way they have done things and are handling things and turning away people's insurance they actually are contracted to take causing people to either go without or somehow come outta pocket for themselves. The only thing I can think could be a reason is they want payment now not to have to bill and wait for the funds even though they will get them cause they know same as a pharmacy does before giving you the product of your covered for it and if it's excepted it's just that they have to bill and wait for the funds to be recieved. Cause why else would they not be willing to except and take people's Insurance that they actually do and are supposed to and even have contracts with? What poor cruelty? No I doubt that. It's just as I stated above about wanting payment emidiately and not waiting and going through the process and paperwork they would have to in order to bill your insurance. Well that's not ok. And not an appropriate buisness practice for a company like this to have. I hope my actions and review helps others to not be treated as I have been or go through what I have as well as prevent them from continuing to not except people's insurance that they are rightfully supposed to and the customer rightfully deserves.Im also planning on other forms of contact to make this issue aware of and addressed to prevent continuing so if anyone else has had these issues please contact me so this company can be forced to stop doing this to their customers.
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