Animal Clinic At Southside

Animal Clinic At Southside
Animal Clinic At Southside 3012 James L Redman Parkway
Plant City, FL 33566

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Animal Clinic At Southside is a Animal Hospital facility at 3012 James L Redman Parkway in Plant City, FL.
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Animal Hospital

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Services Animal Clinic At Southside practices at 3012 James L Redman Parkway, Plant City, FL 33566.

Animal hospitals offer general and emergency pet care services. Some animal hospitals offer 24 hour emergency services-call to confirm hours and availability.

To learn more, or to make an appointment with Animal Clinic At Southside in Plant City, FL, please call (813) 707-0520 for more information.
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From the time we arrived with our fur baby it was nothing but complete polite compassion. We had a deathly ill baby and doc Y and the staff have put our 15 year old daughter at the top of thier priorities, ensuring she had every question aswered about her best friends condition and care. The office staff are very accomadating inviting us to call anytime to check on him as well as coming to visit while he is in the doggie hospital. Many thanks to the staff and Doc Y God Bless you all for working so hard to keep our fur babies healthy.
by Mari Barnes
Horrible!! I agree with the people who said do NOT take your fur baby there in a crisis. doc Y and his staff are ill equipped to deal with one. I took my baby there for a few years ONLY because he was the 2nd vet in her life that could handle her, as she pretty was a handful with everyone but me.

In my opinion they are OK if you are just getting routine care such as shots, if your pet is doing well, or if you can'tafford a better vet. I could, and can and should have left earlier, I had a bad impression almost from the beginning, and I feel guilty about that.

My cat was special needs, she had diabetes and a heart problem since 2 years old, and came down with CRF at about age 8. I can't even list ALL of the times doc Y and staff proved their lack of knowledge, it would take all day. They are not very well versed in diabetes, and other forms of illness. Doc on several visits trued to give me drugs or supplements like nutra-cal which a diabetic can't have. Several times I went home with meds, such as one to be injected to help stop vomiting, etc, and when I looked it up and did my own research found it could not be taken by a diabetic, or a pet with crf etc.

I could go on and on, but to sum it all up. The last few weeks of Luna's life she she was eating less and less and I was encouraged to force feed her, I had reservations as I was worried about aspiration pneumonia, and had done great with feeding tubes before. It started out OK, but I noticed her getting weaker, and weaker, til she could not walk a step without falling down. I believed she had anemia from her CRF. I told doc about epogen, a drug for anemia, and we were going to start her on it when her blood work reached a certain level. The last nine days of Luna's life she was in the vets 4x. On a Friday I told doc I thought she was critical, he did not, and I said it seemed she was having breathing problems, which they also did not agree with. I left feeling like they had alleviated my fears. The following Wed, I noticed her open mouth breathing (NEVER a good sign in a cat), I called and said I needed to come in asap, that she was not breathing right. Doc Y was not in, it was Dr Stansbury (sp), and I was glad. I thought he's young...her will see what Doc Y is missing........WRONG.

After being in the room with a tech for a bit, he came in an instead of addressing my fear that Luna as having trouble breathing, he seemed obsessed with the fact that she was being force fed, he thought she should go to another hospital for a LONG TERM feeding tube. I was like are you kidding???????? she won't make it til the weekend. I steered the conversation back to breathing and he ordered a chest xray, and I told him I was worried she had aspiration pneumonia, and what drugs could treat it. He NEVER listened to her lungs in the room, and I had brought her in for breathing problems. I went to the back and helped hold Luna down to get her xrays. Dr. Stansbury eventually came back and said the xrays looked good, but on one he did notice a white cloudy area. I had to ask him to listen to her lungs, and he said he heard some wheezing in the upper respiratory, but it was not a big deal. He again went on and on about feeding tubes, and maybe that's whay Luna was having trouble walking...because she was being force fed ( insert eye roll ). I left with NO answers and no meds.

Luna declined wed-thur, and began to fight the force feeding. I took her in Friday for a feeding tube, and oops found out from the tech doing the stapling that Luna was the only animal she had ever seen there get a tube, and she had been with them when they were in the smaller side building. I was like WTF!!!!! After blood work was ran, oops Luna was lower than the agreed upon number to start epogen fofr her anemia. ( I forgot....I had asked Dr Stansbury on Wed to run blood work, which he said she did not need as she had it done 5 days prior to that. Now it was closing time Friday, and we are all calling to find someone selling epogen. I took Luna home after she woke up from anesthesia and not too long after she started cough/choking every few minutes.

I called to bring her in Saturday morning to see if something was wrong with the feeding tube, and the idiot doc Y does surgery a very sick cat general anesthesia 2x in less than 24 hrs. He tells me maybe the scope he put down her throat the day before irritated her, then scopes her AGAIN!!!!!!!!! He also did a chest xray while she was out, and OMG......I was told all her other visits she was fine breathing, told the same 3 days prior with DR Stansbury when I told him I thought she had aspiration pneumonia, and now 3 days later it looks like world war 3 in her lungs!!! Doc Y has the audacity to put up a slide next to it from about 9 months prior to, no....put up the one take 3 days PRIOR....admit you all are incompetent.

I get sent home with antibiotics for a respiratory infection. The next day was a Sunday, all the vets are closed, and the closest er hospitals are about 1/2 an hour away. I never had time to get her there. She died in my arms struggling to breathe, eyes wide as could be, and urinating on herself before she stopped breathing. This beautiful creature who fought diabetes, and a heart problem from age 2 to 10 1/2, crf for almost 2 1/2 years, and all sorts pf problems in between, and had the most will to live of any animal I have ever seen, died from something that could have been prevented if anyone had listened to me abut her breathing. No matter what they think, they will never have the advantage a pet owner has. We KNOW are pets, and when something is wrong. The month prior to Luna's death, my mothers cat also passed away because of their lack of skill and knowing what to do in a crisis.

I won't even get started on the office MGR Lisa, that witch would take me an hour to review, rude, rude, rude. I also knew more about all her conditions than all working at the clinic combined. If you have pet who is special needs, or very sick, run the other way. You don't want you fur babies life in their hands.
by Anonymous
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