Rolling Green Village

Rolling Green Village
Rolling Green Village 100 6th St
Nevada, IA 50201

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About Rolling Green Village

Rolling Green Village is a Nursing Home facility at 100 6th St in Nevada, IA.
Primary Specialty

Nursing Home

Practice Rolling Green Village
Services Rolling Green Village provides extended-stay nursing care to seniors with varying levels of disabilities in Nevada, IA.

Please call Rolling Green Village at (515) 382-6556 for more information or to schedule an on-site visit.
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Here's a good one about RGV as the nursing staff calls it. Rolling green village if you don't know what that means. My wife worked there for a time, actually 12 years so she has seen plenty of what goes on at RGV. My wife had to quit here job there because the sexual harassment from two of the male CNA's. The first one grew up with the director of nursing [DON.] so they already have a personal relationship. The second CNA just happened to be dating and have the child with the daughter of the director of nursing, No marriage involved.
A little about my wife, she has blonde hair blue eyes and is very attractive. Her father is a pastor and mother is the most kind person you could ever meet. And I will swear to that to my grave, she reminds me of my grandmother which I love dearly.
She had worked as a nurse for many years and gaining so many friends and respect with ALL of the people she cared for. Please notice I said ALL !!! She is one of those rare nurses that actually cared for the well being of the person she looked after. So many people I can't even begin to tell about them all without losing respect for the ones that I can't remember.
Now about the harassment and threats made. My wife had told the "Director of Nursing" about the harassment, hoping that she would tell her former neighbor and boy she grew up with, and her grand daughters father to cool it. Well she did nothing and told my wife that it was just young men foolish games and they flirted with quite a few of the nursing staff. Well this was far more than just flirting and games!!!
The harassment went a little like this, We will call the first one KK, that is his initials. KK,s Quotes" A few beers and a massage and thats all it would take to get you in bed" , "Maybe you and me could meet at a motel", " I could have any girl in this room" , looking strait at my wife. He once swatted my wife with a electric cord. "Telling her he liked the way she handled a catheter" If you don't know what that is look it up. My wife had reported him to the DON and still the DON [Teresa Lints] and RGV did nothing. This was very close to the end of her employment. There are many more instances from KK but I think you are getting the just of the operations at RGV. " Rolling Green Village"
After KK learned of my wife reporting him to the DON He started making threats towards my wife. " Smashing his fist on the counter at her work station, looking her in the eye and saying strength in numbers"
After this my wife reported this to the DON [Teresa Lints]"She said KK would not do anything and did nothing to KK. Remember the DON, She was a close friend of KK for many years. As a matter of fact KK and JL [ I will explain about him next] were very close friends and working under the supervision of the DON and JL was the father of the DON's grand daughter
Now the second CNA, "JL" yes that is his initials. He was just as vulgar as KK and was just as harassing. The one that bothers me the most is when he came up behind my wife and fake swatted and pretend rode her as she was tending to a resident. Yes this really happened!! In a Nursing home !! Yes at Rolling Green Village!!
Now for what happened when we " My wife and I " went to court.
Well we did not have the money to hire a very expensive attorney from miles away, like RGV did, so we went with Iowa Legal Aid." Can't say enough good about them !!! " We when to court for unemployment benefits due to the fact that she could not work with the harassment and ignorance of the DON and other office personal. After several weeks of living off one income and living with the stress of going through something like this " If you have never been there , you have no idea what it is like"
We won the case and started receiving unemployment for my wife. It was a couple weeks and KK was fired from his job there and I don't know what happened to JL. After that it was hard for my wife to work again but did manage to find a job. A job paying half what a skilled nurse should make. And nothing to do with nursing " remember she the nurse you would want to have taking care of you, if you are in a nursing home.
Here is a little more info. that I managed to find on Kristopher Allen Krebs "KK". He was also fired from his previous nurses aid position , before RGV, for what I was told as harassment in the work place.
He was also court ordered to take anger management classes for choking someone in till they passed out. " Records at the Story CO. Courthouse"
It was also written in the Ames Tribune Newspaper
RGV hired him with this kind of past to look after elderly people in their nursing home.
If you think I stood by and let this happen your wrong. I called and told them to stop and threatened "KK" He laugh at me and later JL [Josh Lankford] threatened me He said Quote "I'll kick your ass old man". There are documents at the Nevada Police department from this incident
Yes I am almost 20 years older than these two and so is my wife.

Today [ 8-23-2013] my wife was in line to interview at a better paying job [ABOUT FIVE YEARS LATER] and rolling green village nursing home gave her a bad review to which I am absolutely certain are full of lies" thus ending her chance at that job or any other job at that employment agency.
This is what I know about Rolling Green Village.
by Christopher Douglas Hoskins
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