Miami Nursing Center

Miami Nursing Center
Miami Nursing Center 1100 E St NE, Box 1268
Miami, OK 74354

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About Miami Nursing Center

Miami Nursing Center is a Nursing Home facility at 1100 E St NE, Box 1268 in Miami, OK.
Primary Specialty

Nursing Home

Practice Miami Nursing Center
Services Miami Nursing Center provides extended-stay nursing care to seniors with varying levels of disabilities in Miami, OK.

Please call Miami Nursing Center at (918) 542-3335 for more information or to schedule an on-site visit.
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They definitely favor certain clients, and make an extra effort to help those clients. I was afraid that they wouldn't help me if they didn't like me. Their equipment was ancient. By the looks of it I wouldn't be surprised if they've never replaced any of it. I have never seen a coupon for this provider, nor do they ever have specials or promotions going on. I don't think they like to help people save money. The staff must have not been trained very well. Almost every time I would ask them a question, they'd refer me to their boss or someone else. They didn't pressure me to buy anything I didn't need, which I really appreciated. I've been to other places that pressured me to buy stuff and it always made me very uneasy.
by anonomous
They barely gave me any information at all. I'm going to have to do my own research to get my questions answered. Their staff was not friendly at all, I didn't feel welcome there. I feel like my appointment was pointless. None of my questions were answered, nothing was accomplished, and I felt worse when I left. The office was easy enough to find. If I were in some kind of an emergency I'd go back. Otherwise, I'm going to look for something better.

I approve this draft but like to include the following...
while visiting my grandmother, I noticed she was in pain. I asked for her treatment plan and it was documented that her pain medication had been administered about 30 minutes prior to my visit. During the next 2 hours her pain became intolerable as evidenced by her facial features being distorted, gripping and releasing of her left hand, bouncing of her right leg and a low gutteral noice coming from her throat, all the while not complaining. After 1 hour of this I demanded more pain medication and the administer, Jonnetta Johnson, stated medicare would not cover an additional dosage of medication, so in the second hour I went to my car, got one of my own legally prescribed medication of hydrocodone and gave it to my grandmother, within 30 minutes her face relaxed, her body relaxed, the moaning stopped, her smiling continued and we shared the picnic basket I had brought for lunch of roasted chicken, baked sweet potatoes, cucumber salad and home brewed green tea unsweetened. At 4 pm my schedule required me to leave, I left my grandmother with a smile on her face and a kiss on her lips.... two weeks later she passed, this was a little over a year ago and I am just now able to discuss this.
As I sit here writing, I am filled with concern for the employees of the supervisor known to me as Jonnetta Johnson. I am unclear of the spelling as I don't remember her exact name, just what I remember overhearing from her employees. There was one instant I remember most vividly when it was Thanksgiving 2010 when I went to visit and there was an uproar going in the office area where Ms. Johnson was speaking in tones I would say were irrationally loud given the door being opened and an audience of residents as well as healthcare staff. Ms. Johnson had a lady in her office with red hair who was stating her father was in an emergency room somewhere up north (Iowa I believe but am not sure) and she needed to leave to be with her mom and family and Ms. Johnson stated that she didn't believe this person because doctors didn't work on holidays unless it is an emergency... to which the employee stated that of course it was an emergency or she wouldn't even be in that office, she would be working. Then Ms. Johnson clearly stated that if proof wasn't provided, there was no job to come back to. This violates Federal FLMA guidelines... One does not assume lies, as a human there should be empathy and concern for the emergency ongoing in this fellow persons life.
There were also multiple times that I overheard employees talking among themselves. Not once did they ever violate HIPPA, and the staff tried to make the best of a bad situation. The main topics that were overheard regularly was regarding questions as to why they got paid for 64 hours in two weeks when they worked over 80, why the vacation pay was a whole dollar less than the normal rate of hourly and why were lunches taken out of vacation pay... where were the patients property disappearing to and why where staff being questioned when Ms. Johnson is the keeper of the finances of all the residents, how could they even access it.
The work environment seems to be so low of Morale and respect for the individual is non existant except to the residents...most of the time.
I believe I would actually like to see this establishment investigated by Medicare to ensure residents are not billing to the insurance for medications they are not actually recieving. It is also believed that violations of FMLA laws, misguided management as observed by someone who has been a management supervisor.... me.
If possible... I would like to not use my name... and you don't have to investigate this if you choose not to, I am just someone who would rather not get involved but my conscience will not allow me to just say nothing.
by OldWoundsHealing
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Were the restrooms clean at this provider's office?
No, they definitely weren't clean
Does this provider leave you on hold for a long time when you call?
Yes, it never fails. I'm put on hold forever when I call
Was this provider willing to stay open late to accomodate your needs?
No, they close exactly on schedule despite any circumstances
Does this provider treat their staff well?
Not at all. I felt terrible for all the staff members
Does this provider offer flexible appointment times?
Absolutely Not! My appointment always conflicts with my schedule
by Anonymous