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Heather Hill Inc
Heather Hill Inc 12340 Bass Lake Rd Chardon, OH 44024

Heather Hill Inc

Heather Hill Inc is a Nursing Home facility at 12340 Bass Lake Rd in Chardon, OH.
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Nursing Home

Services Heather Hill Inc provides extended-stay nursing care to seniors with varying levels of disabilities in Chardon, OH.

Please call Heather Hill Inc at (440) 285-4040 for more information or to schedule an on-site visit.
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Our family had my father stay there for a short time. We thought it was still a University Hospital facility, it is not, it is now privately owned. Our uncle was at the Heather Hill Facility for a number of years back in the 90's . The place has changed drastically. It is disgustingly filthy, and the way people are treated is not humane. We were appalled by the way the patients are treated and the outlandish lying and hurtful behavior by the people who worked there. On many occasions we would here the staff yelling and swearing at the residents.
These people have dementia and should be cared for in a friendly and caring manner. Not frightened by the the Nurse and aids who are suppose to be helping them.
People are left in there rooms and not fed meals. The nurse an aides sit at the dining room chair feeding themselves while they were suppose to be feeding my father. Went in the morning, when leaving told the Nurse my father had soiled his diaper and needed changed. When we came to visit later that evening we found my father's diaper had not been changed and his clothing now drenched in urine. He had bruises on his head. Was told he fell. He was in a wheel chair, and the bruising did not make any sense.
The place is filthy. When we were taken on a tour of the facility, by the Director Nancy Tenney, one of her selling points was each room has it's own shower. We later found that they do not use the showers in the rooms. Every resident is showered in " the shower room". Men and women, and have seen a couple of people taken in there at once. My sister had a look into the room. It was filthy. The staff also takes residents into that room to toilet them, even if someone else is in the shower. My father had dementia but still was able to talk to us, we were horrified by the way he told us he was showered. He told us when we were not there, they did not get him for his meals an he was left hungry. My father was assigned a doctor at Heather Hill. He was taken off all the medication his doctor had him on for years, and put on medication. After we had him removed, he was put back on his regular medication.
A relative in the family is a nurse at Cleveland Clinic. We asked her to come to the facility. She couldn't believe what she saw. She said we need to remove my father from Heather Hill immediately. He was over medicated, not being fed properly, he had lost weight, he was filthy, his
room was filthy. She made her visit at night, some patients were screaming. One woman was yelling help me, please help me, over and over. Being a nurse she went to her room because of the distress in her voice.. she was lying in her own urine, her clothing was wet and she her whole room smelled from urine and feces. She went to another room were a woman was screaming, same thing, but her bedding was soaked and she was undressed and laying on the floor. people were walking around with their pants visually wet. The staff did nothing, there were three girls sitting at the nurses station laughing and texting. My family had seen that on many occasions. The staff just sitting around texting and talking among themselves when we arrived and when we left hours later. We took our father out of there. Being at Heather Hill was the most distressing situation my father and our family had ever been in.

I only gave this review a star because it would not accept the review without giving it at least one star.
If it was possible to give 0 stars, I would. First off, I am a nurse, so I know my complaints are not outlandish. UH used to own this place, which gave it specific policies to follow to make it more accountable to its patients. Because it is now privatized, they do not have these policies and it has led to terrible patient care. Background info: my 90-year old grandmother took a fall, developed pneumonia and a UTI. After stabilizing in a hospital, she was sent here to undergo rehab to get her strength back. Despite being stable, she was still quite confused.
There were several blatant safety violations that put the patient at risk. These are violations of the most simple and widespread policies and standards of practice. The first night she was there, we came into the room and she was sliding halfway out of her bed. The lights were completely off in the room, the bed wheels were not locked, and the call light was not in reach. Blatant safety violation, especially in a confused older adult. Next, the nurses aides would come in and out of the room without using the hand sanitizer, even after cleaning my grandmother up after an incontinence episode. Wash in, wash out is a basic standard of care. After that, the nurses aides cleaned her up after an incontinence episode and tried putting the same dirty depends back on her. My grandmother would be left alone in her room all day, sitting in the same position in her wheelchair, putting her at increased risk for pressure ulcers. Had she developed an ulcer, this could have been considered criminal neglect. After a week and a half's stay, I was tidying up her bathroom (because no one else had) and saw that there was only 1 toothbrush in the bathroom. This was a problem because my grandma shared her room with another patient. The toothbrush was on a shelf labeled "B" for the other patient's side of the room. I asked the aide if she had brushed my grandmother's teeth at all since she had been there. She said yes. I asked her to point to the toothbrush she had used. She pointed to the room mate's tooth brush. I told her that this was her room mate's toothbrush and she quickly changed her tune, saying that there was another toothbrush there earlier in the morning and that physical therapy probably took it. I asked physical therapy if they took it, and they didn't. They brushed my grandmother's teeth with her room mate's tooth brush for over a week because they didn't want to bother to put another toothbrush in her room.
The physician taking care of my grandmother never actually examined her- he called all the shots from looking at her chart online. This is not desirable, especially if the nursing staff is as poor as it was and probably not charting adequately.
These are only a few of the many issues we faced here. We met frequently with Social Work to file grievances. After a week and a half of not meeting with the doctor and getting absolutely no information about her plan of care and treatments, we were finally able to set up a team meeting with the nurses, PT, OT, and the doctor. We showed up, and social work had completely forgotten to tell the staff that there was a meeting.
It was a horrible experience. Please, do not let your loved ones stay here. I left each night thinking in my head that they were going to kill my grandma. You expect people in healthcare to treat each patient as they would treat their own family. Apparently this was an unrealistic expectation.
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